Canary Symbolism

Canary Symbolism. . .  

The Canary spirit animal appears to you with a sweet song that awakens healing energies held deep within the caverns of your ideas, thoughts, body and spirit. 

You may have old wounds from a past life that linger, but the Canary brings fresh air and new light, like the healing energy of the dawn at the break of day, you feel new inspiration, hope and the energy of joyful light, alas a new cycle begins, as you begin to tell a new story.

Canary is a beautiful symbol of delicacy and sweetness

Canary Symbolism

Canary symbolism in a song:  Our beautiful and delicate little Canary sings the song. . .  In the light I am healed and renewed, I shine a divine light from within, I illuminate the darkness. . .  My purpose is to remind you that there is divine light enough for all, and all you need to do is to open your arms and let it shine on you. . .

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Canary Spirit Animal ~ A Symbol of Light and Illumination. . .

The Canary is a symbol of light and illumination, and as the illumination fills your being you feel the re-connection to your joyful soul.  Light surrounds you and feels enchanted as if a gift from above has been bestowed upon you.  Everything coming into view in a new way, the light is filled with grace and love, and the realm of eternal blissful light fills your spirit, if but for a moment, but a moment is long enough.  The moment is a glimpse and a promise of the aspect of divine eternal love and expansion into the awareness of all that is and your place in it.  This moment is captured in vivid detail in your mind, and it will be stored in your heart where you can recall it whenever you need.  A higher aspect of yourself is awakening as you merge with the light, never to be the same again, you now have perfect knowledge of the magnitude of what is possible and what your life represents. Canary symbolism teaches that you are stronger and wiser than you recognize, Canary medicine asks you to do a heart meditation on this.

Canary Symbolism Exemplifies Divine Promise. . .

A Blessing of divine promise comes with the delicate and sensitive little Canary totem animal.   But the Canary is also a symbolic reminder that we need to honor our sensitivities.  If you are aligned to the power animal Canary, you will need clean air, blue skies and lots of natural light.  You may be very empathic, taking on too many toxic energies of those around you. Be aware of toxic energies, they are all around.  You are simply too sensitive, and you must learn to create and use a powerful psychic shield.  Avoid going into the darkness of the caverns of others stories and neediness,  where they may try to use you for their own devices.

Spiritual Meaning of the Canary Song Bird. .  .  The Essence of an Indigo

Stay in the light, you are an indigo child, whispers the spirit animal Canary.  You require time in nature to decompress and absorb the light of new energies traveling at rocket speeds across the Universe, sent just to you to renew the light in your inner lantern.

The perfect crystal for the Canary is. . .Fluorite

Canary Symbolism ~&~ Canary Spirit Animal Powers

Canary Medicine:  Healing Light, Joy, Illumination

Canary Animal Totem:  Sensitivity, Grace, Soul Stories

Spiritual Meaning of Canary & Canary Magic:  Eternity, Indigo Child, Psychic Shields

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