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Explore Rune Meanings Symbols, & Art.   For this article I created stylized runes on a colorful background highlighting the main power of the rune.  In addition a brief explanation of the lore and legend of each of the Viking Norse runes.  

Spiritual Guidance for April   23/24 ~ 29/30

Today, Spirit sends a message to remember what surrounds us:
All that surrounds you is filled with healing energy and love . . .
The Spirits of plants, water, stones and all of Earth's creatures each hold a beautiful vibration, a note in the symphony of the Divine Elegant Creation of the Universe . . .  Listen to the birds song, she sings of this
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Rune Meanings.....
"The origin of Runes is believed to have been created around 200 BC, the Nordic tribes of northern Europe devised these Rune Symbols to represent the forces of nature.  It was believed that by picking the right Rune, the caster or wearer could harness the power the rune represented".

Quite interestingly enough, rune symbols and names vary a bit, I am sharing the names and symbols of the Viking rune stones that I learned about 20 years ago, as I was quite entranced by their strong and mystical forms.  Indeed there are more runes and variations, however what I share here on this page is a simple set of Norse runes, with straightforward meanings that are brief and easy to remember and understand.   My advise in learning about the runes is to begin with a simple set of runes and meanings and expanding from there if you are drawn to learn more. My intention with this simple set of runes is to make remembering the runes and their meanings an easy and enjoyable process.   

Different types of runes:  Some rune sets have more characters, but interestingly enough all runes have remarkably similar names and the symbols quite nearly the same.  The slight variations designating differing regions or tribes, and adaptations made from the original.  Just as a story changes as it is passed on, the runes changed as they spread to other nations who found great power in their magic and meanings.  Norse and Germanic people carried runes similar in the way that Native American carried totems in amulet bags, or used them as a talisman.

Coming soon:  Making your own runes  

Learn about the power of Healing Symbols:

Rune Symbolism, Rune Art
~&~ Rune Meanings

* Please make note that runes are not  capitalized, therefore you will find when the rune name is being used within the descriptions I have left them in their traditional lower case format * 

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feoh rune symbol of  success

feoh is the rune of success...  it is a sign and symbol that something you have been striving for is within your grasp.

uruz rune symbol of health

URUZ ~  
uruz is the symbol of the wild ox... rune of strength and good health ~ uruz indicates ability to resist or overcome disease.

turaz rune symbol of good fortune

turaz is the rune of wealth and good fortune...  turaz symbolism indicates gains both material and emotional from an unexpected source.  

raido rune symbol of safe travels

raido is the rune of travel and safe journeys...  raido symbolism also refers to the journey of the soul between heaven and earth.   

kenaz rune symbol of illumination

kenaz is the rune of fire and illumination...  kenaz is the rune symbol of creativity, especially good for artists and crafts people.

geba rune symbol of love relationships

 geba rune is the rune of love and sexuality...  geba rune symbolism holds the power to predict success in love relationships.

khor symbol of harvest

khor is the rune of harvest, the reaping of rewards... khor is the symbolic rune of true right and cosmic justice.

eihwaz symbol of self defense

eihwaz is the rune symbolizing self defense and is linked to the yew tree from which weapons are fashioned.

parz rune symbol of mystery

parz is the rune of mystery... parz rune symbolism points to something hidden coming to light.

sigel rune of will

sigel is the rune of self confidence and will... sigel rune meaning provides the power and the path to follow to make positive changes. 

tyr rune symbol of victory

TYR  ~
tyr is the rune of victory, symbolism of success in competition.   

dagaz rune symbol of a new day

dagaz is the rune of a new day, symbolically points to a fresh start and signifies a time of growth and new prosperity.

Additional rune meanings will be added to this collection in the near future ;)

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