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Message from Spirit for this week

Spirit says: It's perfectly ok to set your own pace 

It's perfectly ok that you don't go at everyone else's pace . . .  It's perfectly ok that you don't get everything done in one fell sweep . . .  We all learn in different ways, at differing paces, it's perfectly ok if you need to do something again and again before it sticks . . .  Be gentle on yourself, enjoy the process and know we'll all get there in our own way♥ ~ Presley Love ~ ♥

Duck Symbolism. . .     The spiritual meaning of the Duck speaks the message:  "Be in the now, be in the moment, for this is where all of your power exists and is available to you.  Duck loves the gentle motion of slow moving water, drifting along meandering rivers and ponds, this is a powerful message to go with the flow, where the waters take you naturally".  Duck invites you to the river for a picnic and a day of rest and relaxation... be at peace and just let it be, oh, and don't forget the bread crumbs!

Duck Meaning. . .   

Lucky Duck!  Preparation meets opportunity.  The Duck arrives in this world knowing just what to do and how to do it.  The Ducklings are born high in the hollow of a tree, where mother Duck brings them food diligently, then one day she sits at the bottom of the tree and beckons to them to join her.  They peer out of the tree, and after some contemplation, one by one the ducklings jump from the safety of the hollow onto the ground below.  Just as soon as they have all jumped ~ mama leads them to the stream, and fearlessly in they jump.  Knowing just what to do, they paddle their little feet and away they go, but that's not the end of it.... they also already know how to fish, and no sooner than they are in the water they dip their tiny little heads in the water and begin fishing for themselves.  This is stellar symbolism on the topic of being prepared.  Those who are prepared reap the rewards.

Duck brings a strong sense of knowing, which lends to a graceful self confidence, having a connectedness to ancient ancestor wisdom.

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Duck Symbolism ~&~ Duck Spirit Animal Meanings

Duck Totems ~&~ Symbols

Communication, Letting Go, Knowing, Luck

Duck Spirit Animal Powers

Preparation, Speak Your Truth, Awareness, Nesting

Duck Animal Magic ~&~ Spiritual Affinities

Water, Intuition, Flow

duck meaning and symbolism. duck with duckling

    Duck Medicine:  Duck is symbolic of knowing

Observing Duck Symbolism and the Elements of Personal Space

If you've ever observed a Duck, you may have noticed that they like their space, they naturally maintain graceful space between each other as they float along the river.  Duck is keenly aware of his/her surroundings, effortlessly adjusting to every movement of those around it.

Duck Spirit Animal is all about Speaking Your Truth

Duck also speaks up about how it feels!  Therefore Duck has much to teach about speaking up for yourself, and speaking your truth.  Doing so is so very cleansing for the soul and puts you back into the natural groove of being just who you are and who you were born to be. 

Ducks prefer the Mediterranean Climate, but of course!

If you have Duck as your power animal you will love to make your home in the perfect climate, not too cold and not too hot.  You may want to have 2 homes that you move between, as to have the perfect conditions. 

Ducks tuck in early, so you will enjoy quiet evenings at home "in the nest" with your family.

All is Fair in Love and Romance with the Female Duck

Female Ducks just can't be trusted in relationships.  Female Ducks will partner up and entertain other male companions when her mate is away.  She's a picky one and she will change partners without hesitation if she thinks one is more suitable.  Up until the time she lays her eggs, all is fair in the game of love for the Duck.  This symbolizes the importance of not settling when choosing a mate, just because there is a suitor does not mean he is the one for you.

Duck Symbolism  ~:~  The Spiritual Meaning of the Duck

Spiritual meaning for the Duck is all about water elements... intuition, finding your flow, and creating a sacred sanctuary "nest" where you can soothe your soul, stargazing and watching for shooting stars in a place that opens your awareness to all that "is". 

A bit on the word "Ducky". . .   The word "Ducky" is a long held term of endearment, meaning you are my pet, my darling, my sweetheart.  Like the word "Peachy"  Ducky can be used to describe a fun and splendid time, such as:  "the day at the lake was just Ducky". 

 Famous Ducks:  Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, The Oregon Ducks, "Lucky Ducks!"

Duck energy embraces ~
keen awareness, intuition and strong instincts

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