Frog Tattoo Ideas ~with~ Symbolism & Designs

Message from Spirit for May 21 thru May 28 

Spirit says:  All Your Dreams & Desires Are Being Prepared For You
Be  patient with yourself & with your dreams . . . enjoy the journey . . . enjoy the discoveries . . .  celebrate all of magic of the serendipities and synchronicities that are hidden in plain view all around you just waiting for you notice them, this is the proof that yes,  all of your dreams & desires are being prepared for you!   
 ♥ ~ Presley Love ~ ♥

Frog Tattoo Ideas and The Symbolism Of The Frog Tattoo:  
The frog tattoo idea is a symbol of new opportunities, or, welcoming new opportunities. I've sat on my front porch and watched as the frogs would just seem to come out of nowhere and hop into the bushes. I felt that they were watching me consciously trying to say something. I can't speak to animals, except my dog, but the frogs definitely reminded me of opportunities. I don't know how to explain that, but it is as if their approaching my front door was some kind of sign of something new and refreshing coming.

Frog Tattoo Ideas  ~&~
Design Inspiration for Frog Tattoos

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Meaning of Frog Tattoo  ~:~  Fortune & Opportunities. . .

There are so many forms of opportunities that are symbolized by frog tattoo meaning. They can be in the form of a new car, relationship, house, realization, friendship, hobby, craft etc. I mean, think of it, have you ever loved a type of car and then you see it and its for sale? Yeah, we all have. Those are the kind of opportunities I'm talking about.

Relationships are also an example of frog tattoo symbolism. Have you ever longed to be in a relationship, and then, out of nowhere, this person shows up that is everything you wanted in a mate? Of course you have! The problem with that is feeling of unworthiness or shyness can get in the way from realizing that blessing. Its like a gift from God, but you have to receive it.

Have you ever wanted to own your own home but just couldn't afford it. Then, you see a for sale sign on a home and it happens to be in the sweet spot of your price range? So what do you do, you take the chance and spend the money, and you live happily ever after, or at least until the next opportunity arises.

Symbolism of the Frog Tattoo ~:~  Realization, Insight,  Friendship. . .

The frog tattoo can symbolize a realization. Say your sitting in a park by a lake, and all of a sudden something occurs to you. Its something that is life changing, if you allow it to be! You can resist these realizations with doubts, but you will always know the truth, because your heart tells you so.

The frog tattoo idea can take the form of an opportunity for a great friendship. Everyone needs a friend, by that, I mean a true friend. The kind of friend that would give their life for you. Those kinds of friends are very rare in the "me generation", but they do exist! You see those kinds of friendships on the field of battle in wars, and they last forever.

Opportunities and Frog Tattoo Ideas. . .

Frog tattoo meaning can symbolize the openness to receive from the universe. The Divine Spirit of Creation is always blessing us with opportunities, but we have to tune in to be able to hear what those opportunities are! Becoming open to receive the blessings of the universe can be difficult, but it is all tied into "worthiness". How do you become worthy in your own heart? Well, it begins by being honest with yourself about how you feel about things. That is the way to dig past the layers of unworthiness to the core of your worth.

Frog tattoo symbolism also means finding the inner core of your worth and receiving your blessings from that place inside you that feels worthy. It may take several years before you can reach that place because there are so many misconceptions that we acquire over our lives, but it is not impossible.  It will take dedication to yourself. You will have to constantly be asking yourself the question, "what do I want"? But you will also have to persist to seek honesty in your heart about what you want. Most people have never gotten to the place where they know what they want, so don't be discouraged. All good things take time! 

So frog tattoo ideas and their meanings can take many forms and is represented by many opportunities. You just have to be watching, waiting, and willing to receive them when they appear!

Guest post by tattoo artist Reiden ~ his tattoo designs will be available here in spring 2016

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