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How To: Psychic Readings.  For anyone who wants to learn to read the signs, symbols and messages from the Universe.  My style is akin to a soulful meditative Japanese tea ceremony begin with cleansing ritual, meditation, gather sacred symbolic elements as crystals, and I just know you will thoroughly enjoy it ;)

Today's Message from Spirit 3.26.17 

One With All  Today I see that you are connecting to the Divine in new ways. This is your healing, this is your true power this is the force that will guide you through every storm. This is your mantra:  Operating on intuition ~ my life is now flowing with so much more ease ..... drifting downstream ~ breathing in the moments of ... now ... feeling connected to everything simultaneously .... I am one with all ... ~ Presley Love

How to  Psychic Readings. . .   I get lots of emails and questions on the topic of how to develop the art and craft of psychic readings.  Here's an example of a typical question:   Diana asks.... "Can you tell me a bit about how you do a psychic reading and what are the tools you use for your psychic readings?   I'm interested in developing my own abilities, what do you suggest?"

My Answer to Diana's Question
re: How To Psychic Readings

Ohh la la this is a juicy question;  How To do Psychic Readings,  let's dive right in shall we!

Diana, Every reading is totally unique and exquisitely beautiful, and the tools I use are also totally unique.

Let's begin by taking a quick peek into how I do a psychic reading for someone!

When I begin doing a reading, I first read the questions, and begin meditating upon them.  As soon as I am finished reading the question I begin doing a cleansing ritual...  to cleanse all of the energies and thoughts in my own aura and also the energies of my temple room - this is where I do my readings and my personal divination work.   After the cleansing ritual, I begin smudging, lighting incense, and lighting candles to invite the highest energies to surround my space and create an inviting and comfortable space for Spirit to enter.   I then gather stones and crystals and other objects - Spirit is already guiding me here showing me which objects to collect.  I then place these objects on one of many gorgeous cloths I've collected that are for my divination work onto my reading altar ( beautiful velvets and organzas ).  The placement of objects is akin to a serene, meditative Japanese tea ceremony.    I am then led to select an oracle deck or one of many of my divination tools, most of which I have created myself...  oracle sticks, runes, energy blessing cards, numerology, animal stones... etc.

Learn about the power of Healing Symbols:

psychic readings how to

photo: unknown

Open up to the mysteries and energies of the Universe, when you learn how to do psychic readings, you are asking for signs and symbols to tell the story.  Relax and enjoy this mystical experience and you will feel something new awake within, a deeper connection to the sacred and divine aspects of all that is. . .

Meditation and Other Tools for How To do Psychic Readings

At this point of my ritual I am in a deep tranquil meditation.  I then, hold the questions of my client in my hand and begin to run energy and feel the intentions of my client.   then I read the questions once more, take a few moments and then begin conveying the reading.   During the reading there will be moments when Spirit will suggest using a tool, such as drawing an animal stone.... I can always sense and "see" Spirit smiling and nodding in approval to the answers I am conveying... (this is how I know that I am conveying the answers that Spirit wants to share with my client)   I know that the reading is finished when Spirit becomes quiet, in a very peaceful and warm way, Spirit just quiets.

So, to sum up each and every reading is so very unique. My tools are plenty, I enjoy collecting and creating new tools for my work.   I have a large collection of divination cloths, the candles and sacred objects to choose from... many from nature.

Here's an example:  for a love reading I may collect dried rose petals, chocolates, a love poem, and heart shaped trinkets among other divination items for my reading altar.

So there you have it darling Diana, these are a few elements of my readings and what makes them unique.  I hope sharing a bit of my process and my tools for psychic readings helps you in your pursuit of connecting to the Divine.

Doing a Psychic Reading for Yourself

If you are trying to do readings for yourself... this can be a bit tricky even if you have wonderful intuitive and psychic gifts.  This is because your own emotions and judgements get in the way... inherently, you will want a certain outcome to your own questions and you yourself cannot really be objective.  The best thing to do in this situation is to have someone else do a reading for you...  that way you can receive "confirmation" of your own intuitive messages and psychic insights.   This will empower you to learn how to perceive the messages in your own readings.  For myself, whenever it is something of great importance to me, I have another psychic do a reading for me, even if I've done a reading on the matter myself, because I want an objective interpretation...

The Sacred Aspects of How To Do Psychic Readings

This work is very sacred, and must be done in the most sacred ways, honoring Spirit and all of the guides and totems that are surrounding us to help us.   But they only help and intervene when we call upon them, because they honor and respect our free will.  But when we do call upon them, we can immediately feel their loving presence and guidance if we but quiet down to listen and receive.

Have fun and enjoy the How To of Psychic Readings

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