Tortoise Symbolism

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Spirit says: It's perfectly ok to set your own pace 

It's perfectly ok that you don't go at everyone else's pace . . .  It's perfectly ok that you don't get everything done in one fell sweep . . .  We all learn in different ways, at differing paces, it's perfectly ok if you need to do something again and again before it sticks . . .  Be gentle on yourself, enjoy the process and know we'll all get there in our own way♥ ~ Presley Love ~ ♥

Tortoise Symbolism  & Mysticism...   by Presley Love   "Tortoise is an ancient wisdom seeker, he is the thoughtful and focused treasure hunter ~ carrying the map of the treasure on it's back, slowly and methodically it roams the desert ever on the quest of deep buried and long forgotten treasure". 

Tortoise Meaning

Tortoise totem can lead you to new undiscovered treasure if you can tap into the rhythmical vibrations of a deep meditative state, where you will be taken to lands filled with treasure, and it will be your challenge to learn how to bring the treasure back with you. 

Tortoise totem has learned that to be happy it cannot carry the treasure so it decided to live amongst the treasure, day by day enjoying another facet of it's discoveries.  

He makes his home wherever he decides to stop and rest.

Tortoise is content and at peace on his journeys. 

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Tortoise Symbols & Medicine

Tortoise totem of:  treasure, guidance

Tortoise spirit animal energies of:  peace, meditation

Tortoise animal magic of:  vision, oracles, manifestation

desert tortoise totem

Tortoise ancient symbol of the treasure hunter


Tortoise Spirit Animal an Ancient Symbol of Foretelling the Future

Everything about the Tortoise spirit animal is mysterious in all that it does, upon it's back it carries magical codes hidden in plain view ~ the markings on the shell are a magical oracle, they tell the story of the earth and her ancient magic, the markings on the shell depict the story of earth and the separation of continents that took hundreds of millions of years. These markings have been be used for foretelling the future and making predictions by Chinese mystics for thousands of years.  

Tortoise and Ancient Earth Knowledge Symbolism

Just as the continents shift, so does the markings on the shell of the Tortoise... to this end the Tortoise lives near ponds and streams so that it can see the reflection of the map in the waters.  It must wait patiently for still waters, it's patience and ability to find peace in the moment has brought the Tortoise totem animal a great gift... the gift of a very long rich and fruitful life, the Tortoise can live for 180 years... perhaps even longer, and legend has it that Tortoise has lived since the the earth was formed. Because of this...  Tortoise symbolism is a living reflection of the journey of earth, and ancient earth knowledge.

Tortoise Totem of Treasure Hunting

Tortoise spirit animal is a teacher of waiting and of vision.  You must have both of these traits to be a successful treasure hunter, you must have enduring ability to hold the vision of the treasure shown to you in meditation and you must wait with peaceful patience as your dreams transform from vision to physical manifestation.  Tortoise Symbolism teaches: do not follow the illusions of the oasis that appears instantly before your eyes ~ this is a mirage.  Know that your patience is your map to experience the outcome of your visions and desires.  Each of us has abundant treasure that awaits us, but few have the patience to find it.  You have come upon the Tortoise power animal today because you are ready to begin learning this path.

Guidance and the Spiritual Meaning of the Tortoise

The special magic for Tortoise symbolism is... "GUIDANCE"... you need to access inner guidance just as the Tortoise totem animal does to manifest the outcome that you are now seeking.  This guidance system will also be there to serve you when it is time to find and answer your calling, that thing that makes your spirit soar however great or small it is.   You will find other  guidance through books, classes, totems and spiritual teachers.  You will find your inner guidance when you begin meditating, blend these elements of personal magic and it is then and there that your treasure will be revealed to you.  

Tortoise totem of the treasure hunter

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