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Healing Symbols Overview

If you like Reiki, you'll adore Presley's healing system.

Soon to be offered to the public, a beautiful and powerful healing program that includes a collection of healing symbols that emit magnificent and wonderful healing energies.

This is a sacred and powerful healing system developed by Presley Love during her own health crisis.

Presley turned to meditation, affirmations and healing art when her condition was not able to be diagnosed or treated with traditional medicine.

With no other place to turn for help, her journey led her to create a healing system based on the mystical arts, combining symbols, meditations, affirmations, signal words and signs (and more) to awaken and realign the energies in the body, mind and spirit bringing them into harmony where healing can happen.

With her healing program, you will tap into higher energies where healing energies abound, and you will feel the intense pleasure of being surrounded by what feels like angelic energies, warm and comforting.

The meditations are also designed in such a way as to receive direction and instruction directly from the Sacred Creator.

Over time, Presley was able to make a full recovery. . . going from being confined to bed 95% of the time to now being on the go most of the time once again.

You can expect to feel the energies working inside of you (tingling, effervescence, movement and adjustment)  as you work with the healing symbols, signal words, and other tools of this system.

All You Need Is To Be Open to Receive

This is not a quick elixir, it requires the opening of the heart and the desire to spend time in solitude meditating and receiving the healing energies.

This healing system is excellent for those who cannot find relief or diagnosis through traditional medicine.  It is also beautiful when combined with current medical treatment.

The symbols that are included in this healing system may be used in a myriad of ways, outlined in detail in the program.

The entire system will be offered exclusively through her website in the next few months.  Stay tuned.

Please note.... This program is currently for personal use only, a program for professional healers will be introduced sometime in the future.

Just enter your email and I'll let you know as soon as my healing program is ready  :)

~ Blessings and Namaste

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