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Spiritual Readings and Counsel through Universe of Symbolism features accurate psychic readings from resident psychic- intuitive - spiritual counselor Michael Reiden Hol, indepth and soulful messages from your guides.

What are your burning questions?

How can I earn more money, and live the lifestyle I really want?

How can I move into a career I'm passionate about?

I'm in a dilemma  - - what can I do?

I feel stuck - - what can I do?

Is this relationship for me?  Where is this headed?

Can you help me meet the "one" for me?

Who are my spirit guides, guardian angels, spirit animals?

What direction should I take ? - - I'm confused.

What is the message, or meaning of my dream, it seemed so significant -- what should I know ?

you absolutely can get the answers you are seeking now!

Psychic Michael on Universe of Symbolism

Meet Michael Reiden-Hol

Michael is a highly gifted intuitive counselor who connects with your spirit guides, angels and spirit animals to provide you information and insights that will help you in your current situation.  Michael will connect to your guides to help you receive the direction, guidance, clarity, and assistance you need, all of which  will lead you to a happier,  more inspiring and fulfilling life.

Right now, at this very moment your guides are looking for ways to guide you and help you, they want you to connect with them and hear the messages they have for you.  Most of the time however, you are too emotionally close to the situation which is causing you stress and discomfort making it very difficult to hear the messages, or see the signs, this happens to all of us when we are emotionally tied to a situation.

When you connect with Michael through a reading, he easily clears the channels and tunes in to your guides and angels with clarity.  In connecting to your guides he asks for their guidance regarding your questions on your behalf. 

You will know that Michael has received the answers you need because the answers will resonate so deeply with your spirit, bringing you a sense of calm and confidence to move forward with the steps your guides have helped you with.

Michael has been tuned into the spirit world since the age of 19, when a snake bite opened him to psychic awareness and the gift of clairvoyant sight and knowing.  Michael has been doing readings for me for over 20 years, and in addition to being a gifted intuitive, he has a full open heart in his desire to help, being more than generous with his time and gifts.   Michael has helped 1000's of people all around the world, and his heart is open to help you in any way he can.

Getting an email reading with Michael is just like having a big book of you, that you will read over and over again. . . book yours now.  

Email readings are indepth and thorough Michael generously
dedicates a minimum  of 2 + hours to every reading ~ 

You will receive your reading in 7 - 10 business days, many times sooner (excluding holidays and weekends)

** Once you book your reading, if you are not immediately re-directed to the form to submit your questions, simply send in your question(s)  via this contact form, adding your name and email  ;)

Email Reading 1 Topic/Question

One topic/area of your life; receive an indepth soulful answer.   Best reading if you have an urgent decision to make - have a very important question, or need urgent guidance.

$375.  US

Email Reading with 3 Topics/ Questions

Three topics or three areas of your life can be covered.    Perfect if want to know about 3 topics all at once.  Most popular option ~and~ Best Value. . .

$700.  US

What to expect from a reading

Micheal's readings are from a sacred spiritual perspective, his ultimate goal in doing readings and giving counsel is to help you find your a'ha moment of spiritual power and breakthrough.  Micheal is dedicated to giving counsel from the highest spiritual perspective, he feels his purpose and calling is to help others, and this is the best possible way for him to do this work. 

Michael is devoted to this work, he spends time in meditation before each reading and gives the reading as much time as needed to do your reading, several hours are devoted to each and every reading -- that's what makes Michael so different than most psychics or intuitives.   What he wants most is to give you *all* of the guidance and answers that your guides are sharing.  What really sets Michael apart and impresses me most is that he never, and I mean never cuts off a reading to a 30 minute or even a 1 hour time frame, his readings take 2 + hours and even more if necessary.  The beautiful thing about email readings is that clients keep and refer to their email readings over and over and find renewed insight and inspiration each time.

Michael generously gives very indepth and soulful answers to your questions.  Your guides want what is the absolute best for you, and Michael takes the time to receive and spell out the answers for you.  In addition to answering your questions, you will often get recommended action steps from your guides regarding your questions. On your behalf, Michael inquires about the possible ways you may want to consider in proceeding with your situation, and what steps to take to achieve the best possible outcome.

. When you book an email reading with Michael, you will receive your reading within 7 - 10 days (excluding holidays and weekends).


Here are just a few of the responses from readings with Michael:

Spiritual Readings ~ Recommended by Presley .  .  . 
Dear hearts, it can be very difficult to find a compassionate and gifted psychic or energy healer when you feel like you could really need some help in your life.  Michael has been doing readings and shamanic healing for me for many years.  Michael has a rare gift of clairvoyance, and has a true ability to connect to guides in the spirit realm.  Because he is so talented in this area,  I've invited Michael to offer his services through my site.  A reading with Michael can bring soulful transformation to your life. His shamanic training opens a channel to help you remember who you are, and remind you that you are not alone. Michael gently delivers the messages and the wisdom you are seeking from your spirit guides and angels. If you are feeling stuck or are in a difficult or confusing situation these messages open the doors to great shifts that are filled with love. A sense of the Divine washes over you as you hear the messages that resonate deeply with your heart. When you need help, I recommend that you book a session with Michael.  Ps, for those of you who have been getting readings with me, I am no longer doing readings myself as I have a full schedule with my website and art business.   So, at this time I'm directing all of my clients to Michael with confidence and love, as his talents in readings and healing sessions have brought me so much personal value, and since referring all of my clients to Michael, my clients have had shared great praise and gratitude for his guidance and psychic intervention.   Shared with love ~ Presley

                                               ═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════════════

"Michael has performed readings for me and several of my colleagues. The results were astute, compassionate and clarifying in all cases".   Leslie S Vancouver BC

                                               ═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════════════

"If you're looking for high-integrity, morally sound, highly-attuned, accurate and soul-savvy psychic interpretations, I highly recommend a reading from Michael Reiden-Hol. 
In my reading, Michael Reiden-Hol utilized wisdom from the Tarot, while tapping into his own soulful system of interpretation to provide a well-rounded and quite accurate summation of the events in my life (presently and future potentials). While viewing my reading from Michael, it was clear he comes from a place of connectedness, and his foundation is love-based and honorable. His enthusiasm rang like a bell throughout the reading, which was, in turn, quite infectious. To be clear, I was left with a sense of support and confidence, as Michael confirmed many of my own ruminations".  ~ Avaia NY, US

 ═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════════════

"My heart was touched by Michael's sincerity and the compassion. His words were loving and respectful. Knowing that he was were being allowed into my world. I appreciated it very much." ~Shannon

 ═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════════════

" My reading with Reiden-Hol  was UNBELIEVABLE! And I absolutely mean "Unbelievable" in a good way! I would consider him unquestionably gifted, sincere, and helpful. " ~Michelle

                                               ═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════════════

A gifted reader, he draws on vast storehouses of energetic oracles. From Tarot to Totems, Reiden-Hol  has a truly unique gift, and I highly recommend his soulful services. So, the next time you are in need of an objective, heart-filled, clarifying view of your life's landscape, I would certainly encourage you to consider Reiden-Hol to respond to that need. Truly, he offers incredible insight, value and revelation.  Erika M Sydney AU

                                               ═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════════════

Email readings are indepth and take appx 2-4 hours, even more if necessary  ~ 
You will receive your reading in appx 3 days, many times within just hours

Email Reading 1 Topic / Question

One topic/one area of your life; receive an indepth soulful answer.   Best reading if you have an urgent decision to make - have a very important question, or need urgent guidance.

$375.  US

Email Reading with 3 Topics/Questions

Three topics or three areas of your life can be covered.     Perfect if want to know about relationship, life purpose, and money or career.  Most popular option; get 1 question free & save $

$700.  US

** Once you book your reading, if you are not immediately re-directed to the form to submit your questions, simply send in your question(s)  via this contact form, adding your name and email  ;)
our reading will be sent to you within 7 - 10 business days, (excluding holidays)  Please check your spam folder if you have not received your reading after 7 days, as I will always contact you if there is a delay due to an emergency, also: (please allow for time zone differences).

Please note all completed reading forms must have an accompanying payment for each reading.

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