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Spirit softly whispers Splendor:
have you taken a pause today, a moment to glance upon the beauty that surrounds you, the fluttering leaf on the tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky?  Within this moment magic is happening all around you, just pause and observe  
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Archangel Ariel. . .  Ambassador of Venus, messenger of your life's true purpose and higher calling.  A Lioness of power and courage, referred to as "The Lion of God".  Look to the clouds and see her face revealed in the mists as the spirits of the Lion and Ariel merge to confirm to you your path, it is a mystical and serendipitous event.

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Archangel Ariel ~ Powers and Principalities

Archangel Ariel presides over those that God has chosen for special purposes. Ariel can be called upon to discern your true purpose in life or to know your life's calling.

If you are going to summon Ariel to reveal your destiny, you would call upon Ariel from the west before the sun has risen on the eastern horizon. Ariel is also associated with the planet Venus as the star of the morning. In the morning before the break of dawn is when Venus appears bright in the sky, and when she reveals her secrets to humans.

Archangel Ariel - Lion of God

IMAGE: ©presleylove

Ariel the Angel of The Fates & Destiny

To have the Courage to move forward into the highest aspects of your potentials, this is the prevailing essence of Ariel. Ariel carries the message from the goddess Venus to Earth and reveals the fates of all mankind. Venus is the star of destiny and Ariel is the ambassador of that destiny.

The name Ariel also means "Lion of God". The lion represents courage and boldness or a "bold courage". If you need courage, you would summon Ariel, but you must do so specifically, which means that an offering must be brought to the angel.

Meditation Ritual to Summon Archangel Ariel

To summon the courage of Ariel you must light a standard yellow candle and carry an amethyst crystal with you until the candle burns out. The whole time the candle is lit, you need to meditate on the phrase "bold courage".

After the candle is finished bathe in bath oils and repeat, "I am bold and courageous" 9 times taking a deep breath each time. This process both imbues you with the power of bold courage, and cleanses you of all that hinders your courage.

Ariel is also a symbol for "The Hearth of God". the way this can be described is to sit by a warm fire and be comforted. Ariel is an angel of "comfort". If you want the comfort of Ariel you need to perform a spell.

Taking a red ribbon, you need to tie it around your left wrist. Then take a stone and write the name of Ariel on it and hold it in your right hand. Then go outside to a private place and face the sun in the direction it happens to be at the time, preferably at midday. The you would chant the words, "Ariel comfort me".

After you have said this chant 13 times, you set the stone face down where you stand and exit the area in the opposite direction of the sun. When you get back to your home, find a tree or a plant that you can tie the red ribbon to, to summon the comfort of Ariel to your home, and to you.  May you be filled with an overflowing abundance of comfort and courage from Archangel Ariel. It is so.

Archangel Ariel Helps to Reveal Your True Life's Calling. . .

Ariel will disclose to you information about your life's calling. After summoning him you may feel a deep desire. This is the nature of the calling that is drawing you to discover what it is. After you sense this calling, you may need to summon Ariel again in order to reveal the calling to you. The calling can take any form, so be prepared to act upon that revelation. You may be called to be a counselor or a dancer. Or maybe a physician or alternative medicine healer. Your calling can even be as a shaman. Whatever it may be, it will strike a deep chord within you and become your obsession, that is how you know that you have been called.

Being associated with the planet Venus, Ariel also imparts a love or passion for what you do. He will always keep you immersed in your calling, like being in love, as represented by the planet Venus. Venus is the Goddess of love, intimacy, and beauty. You will have all these aspects playing a part in your calling. These are the things that Ariel imparts to those who summon him in order to carry out ones calling on Earth.

To know your true purpose in life it would have to be accompanied by a deep desire. You might not have that desire for anything in your life. Very few people ever get to the place where they do enough soul searching to find that desire of their heart. Fewer still ask for the aid of the angels to help them. Ask for Ariels help in finding your innermost calling. No one ever accomplished anything completely by themselves, and the angels are here to assist you. All you need to do is ask them.

guest post by Reiden

to understand more about Angel Ariel, study upon the Lion and Lioness
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