Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel. . .  The angel Gabriel is a messenger angel.  Gabriel also helps to interpret dreams and visions. His number is 13, which is the number of magical discernment and his stone is jade.

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Archangel Gabriel Powers ~&~ Abilities

Archangel Gabriel Powers:
Prophecy and Divine Words, Messenger

Angel Gabriels Abilities:
  Gabriel is the bringer of messages, through instant visions and flashes of divine inspiration, Gabriel brings forth the message meant to assist you in the moment of now

Archangel Gabriel - Messenger


Gabriel's Angelic Essence. . .

Gabriel is a messenger angel, and helps to interpret dreams and visions. He also helps in communication with others. He is an angel of prophecy, interpreting messages than cannot be understood outside of Gods wisdom. As the archangel of messages he whispers divine words into the ears of mortals to inspire them on the path of fulfillment.

Gabriel brings messages to fulfill promises, and to speak promises, directly from God. Once Gabriel has been sent to you, he will be constantly with you for the rest of your life. He watches how you respond to the messages and is constantly encouraging you to follow through with any wisdom contained in the messages. It is his purpose to make sure that you see through any promises made by God to you to its fulfillment.

Gabriel Aids in the Divine Messages in Dreams. . .

If you have a dream or vision that you don't understand the meaning of, Gabriel is the angel to summon to interpret them. If you are having trouble with communication, Gabriel helps your messages to be sent to others with perfect clarity. If you feel like your life is not complete, Gabriel speaks divine words into your ear that fulfill your soul and nurture your spirit.

Summoning Prayer for Archangel Gabriel. . .

To summon Gabriel you would face the east in your master bedroom. Gabriel brings comfort to the home, and as he interprets dreams, he would be summoned in your bedroom. The whole summoning would be done while lying in bed with your eyes closed. You need sandalwood incense for this summoning. Light the incense and keep it going throughout the ceremony.

You will also need a rose quartz crystal to hold in your hand. It is better to have two rose quartz crystals for both hands. Hold them in your palms with a closed fist and spread your arms out to your sides as if they were wings. The whole point of this, as you lie on your back, is to feel as comfortable as possible while summoning Gabriel.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes during this whole process. While you are in bed, chant, to yourself, the name of Gabriel. Say his name 12 times and one the 13 time say "come and speak to me"! Continue to "wait" chanting the name of "Gabriel"! Be sensitive to what you see in your minds eye. Once you "see" what Gabriel is trying to show you, open your eyes and write it down, no matter what it is.

After you have written the "vision" down lay it underneath your incense and allow it to finish burning. Do not remove it for nine days. By then you will have a better understanding of the vision. After the nine days. Light another incense and burn the not with the vision on it. The act of burning the vision will release the power to fully manifest after being charged for nine days.  You will receive your full interpretation within three days.

Receiving Messages from Archangel Gabriel. . . 

The interpretation of the vision or dream that you will receive has to do with a deep communion between you and God. This revelation will empower you to fulfill your purpose on Earth. We all seek fulfillment in our lives in various ways never understanding that what we really seek can only come from the love of God. Whatever the message is for you that Gabriel brings, it is a message of Gods love for you. It is said that, "love conquers all". If you do not understand anything else from your message, understand that Gods love is the intention behind it.

What will you do and become with Gods love. That is the power that enables us to accomplish anything at all. All things in creation are established with Gods love. What will be the message that Gabriel brings to you, and what will you do with it? The only way that you can be successful at that unique purpose, is to emulate the love of God through your purpose. That is the secret element of your purpose. God will not allow anything that is not done in love to prosper. So, whatever purpose or message is revealed to you, make sure you fulfill that purpose with love. 

Guest post by Reiden

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