Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel. . .   Angel Haniels name means "Gods pleasure or joy". He is associated with the planet Venus, as Venus is related to pleasure. His name also means "The Grace of God". In relation to the planet Venus, Haniel is also a reference to "navigation", both over sea and land, and through ones personal life as well.

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Archangel Haniel Powers ~&~ Abilities

Angel Haniels Powers:
Enchantment of Joy,  Pleasure, Release Troubles

Angel Haniels Abilities:
Haniels brings a healing connection to your childlike self, spreads joy and brings blessings of pleasures in the smallest of things.  To bestow the pleasure of your Divine connection.
Teaching happiness is real when shared.

Archangel Haniel - Angel of Joy and Pleasure

Archangel Haniel teaches the enchantment of simple joys, the pleasure of endeavor and accomplishment, to see through the eyes of a child in awe and wonder opens one up to the purest essence of self.

Haniels Angelic Essence. . .

In aligning to the pleasure of God, it is the simple childlike pleasure one receives from an innocent heart that this pleasure refers to. One must lay aside all their fears and doubts and worries to receive this kind of pleasure, of which the result is joyfulness. To receive pleasure from the simplest things is the greatest gift of God that we can have during our lifetimes. To have a joyful heart is one of Gods graces. Nothing honors God more than a joyful heart.

Archangel Haniel assists in Navigation of Difficulty. . .

Haniel also aids in navigating all forms of circumstances. It doesn't matter how difficult or what the situation is, Haniel helps mortals to have a "plan" to clearly weave through the most troublesome of matters. Say for instance you are having problems communicating with another employee where you work and its causing trouble with your personal productivity. Haniel helps you navigate through those troubling waters to obtain understanding from that employee and restore your productivity.

Haniel is a very sensitive angel. The grace of God is a very sensitive issue and Haniel doesn't grant pleasure and joy unless a heart is truly sincere. The grace of pleasure and joy is not something that can be taken by force either. This most innocent of graces is only granted after a time of true need. One must pass the tests that God demands to receive this grace. The challenges that are required sometimes take time to overcome, but to receive this most precious of gifts, you must summon Haniel first.

Summoning Meditation for Archangel Haniel. . .

To summon Haniel you must face the north along a body of water. Then with your left hand on your left thigh you raise your right hand straight towards the east and look in that direction. This you must do at 3 pm on a Saturday. Notice the position of the sun and raise your left hand to the sun and cover it from your view so that the rays of the sun shine through your fingertips. Keep your eyes focused on the sunlight through your fingertips.

As you do this, you must now call upon Haniel. Say these words; "Haniel warm my heart with the childlike spirit of God. Say this three times. As you finish these words, cross your arms over your chest and "know" that you have received what to have asked for. If your faith is weak, Haniel will still answer you with joy and pleasure. Those whose faith is weak are those who become the strongest in the end.  In seven days time you will have found the opening in your heart.

Archangel Haniel Grants the Gifts of Pleasure and Joy. . .

Angel Haniel grants all forms of pleasure, and a childlike spirit of joy. He grants pleasure in relationships, at work, at school, in personal interests and in having a dream or goal in life. Archangel  Haniel is an excellent angel to work with in manifesting your earthly desires because it is much easier to manifest your desires when you are in a high vibrational state such as joy, pleasure, and childlike light. The secret of joy and pleasure is a childlike heart. To receive a childlike heart you need to summon Haniel. He will help you return to the inner child within you.

There are many paths to child likeness, and Haniel knows them all. He is the only one who can lead you on those paths. You may arrive at your goal though leisure or even pleasure in your work. It may even be that a relationship helps you arrive at a childlike heart. Whatever the path you take, you can be certain that Haniel is influencing your decisions. He will guide you personally if you allow him to. Hearing Haniels voice is a thing of the heart and it takes innocence to truly tune into him. Innocence is the path to child likeness, as well as honesty. So, when you talk to Haniel ( and yes, you can talk to him ) have an open and vulnerable heart and he will pour joy and pleasure back into your life. 

Guest post by Reiden

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