Archangel Jeremiel  ~:~ Meaning & Symbolism

Archangel Jeremiel. . .    Jeremiel is an archangel who answers the questions of those who seek knowledge from God. He is a guardian of ancient power and the knowledge of how to access it. It is said that King Solomon was shown by God how to cause fallen angels to do the work of building his temple. This required ancient knowledge and a form of magic. Jeremiel can reveal this form of knowledge, but it is a knowledge that has to be taken very seriously.

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Archangel Jeremiel Powers ~&~ Abilities

Archangel Jeremiel Powers:
Written Words, Hidden Powers

Archangel Jeremiel Abilities:
Transformation of thoughts into reality, to bring wisdom and knowledge of the universe, to divine magical aspects of creation

Archangel Jeremiel

Angelic Essence of Jeremiel. . .

Jeremiel is also an angel of the written word. He not only gives understanding into writing, but also reveals mysteries suggested in writing. Say you are reading a book for the second time, Jeremiel would be the angel that shows you a different aspect of that book than you saw the first time. There is much written between the lines in books and Jeremiel gives you the power to understand those hidden meanings.

As far as revealing the laws of magic, Jeremiel teaches them to only the most serious mortal students. The magic he teaches is of a divine nature and is only to be used for good purposes. So if you learn of this magic from Jeremiel and use it for evil, he will cease to teach you until you do 7 goods deeds with the magic he has already taught you.

Aside from magic is the knowledge of the universe and how all things were created. Jeremiel answers those questions, but only to the most disciplined students. One has to be serious to receive awareness from Jeremiel. This awareness brings a fuller communion with all things and the ability to influence manifestation of thoughts into reality.

Gabriel Aids in Manifestation of Thoughts into Reality. . .

The manifestation of thoughts into reality is the main purpose of the knowledge that Jeremiel shares. So, that beings said, you can see that it has magical connotations. Summoning Jeremiel should not be taken lightly as being flippant about it can cause the summoning to backfire. The reason being is that you are dealing with the realm of thought, so your mind needs to be clear of conflict, or you will bring that conflict into your summoning.

Summoning Meditation for Archangel Jeremiel. . .

To summon Jeremiel find a hard surface such as concrete or wood floor. Then draw the Star of David large enough to stand in on the ground with salt. Put a white candle at each of the six corners of the star. This ceremony must be done just before midnight. Face the largest window in your home and draw another erasable Star of David with a circle around it. The star on the floor does not have a circle around it. 

Face the Star of David on the window and at exactly 12 midnight say the name of Jeremiel 7 times, then pause for seven more seconds. Raise your hands towards the window and in a commanding voice say "Come"! only once. You will feel him come into your presence usually by the feeling of wind passing through your body or a tingling sensation on your skin. At that time, ask one question at a time per day. Don't ask another question until your answer is perfectly clear.

Receiving Guidance and Direction from Archangel Jeremiel. . .

Jeremiel will reveal to you mysteries that you never thought about. He will inspire you with the written word. No matter what form of writing you enjoy, Jeremiel will show you hidden secrets locked away between the lines. If you are writing a book or keeping a journal, Jeremiel will show you hidden power in your own writing. Not only does he show you these things, he also gives you the understanding to comprehend divine truth and knowledge. If you truly want to understand divine mysteries, be prepared to be challenged in your faith. With great power comes great responsibility.

There is a saying, "to whom much is given, much also is required".
Not only will Jeremiel reveal to you mysteries, he will also give you the ability to pursue those mysteries even deeper, unlocking spiritual power that is known only to shamans and great spiritual teachers. These teachings from Jeremiel will go deep into your character, psyche and subconscious, changing the very fabric of who you are, so you need to be very serious about your studies. These changes that you go through will test your strength on every level, so be prepared to sacrifice your comfort for spiritual growth.

Guest post by Reiden

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