Archangel Raphael ~:~ Duties, Meaning, Powers

Archangel Raphael. Duties, Powers, Symbols and Meaning. . .   The meaning of the name Raphael is "God Heals". You would call upon Raphael for every kind of healing.  Healing comes in various forms. There is healing of the emotions, of the heart, and of the mind. There is healing in relationships, healing of your self esteem, even healing in your creative passions, inspiration and at the workplace and occupation.

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Archangel Raphael: Angelic Powers ~& Abilities

Archangel Raphael Symbolic Powers :

Healing, Compassion, Grace

Raphael Abilities, Powers and Duties:
To bring light where there is darkness, the heal the mind body spirit, to bring strength to the weary, to bring divine inspiration

angel Raphael - the healing Angel

Essence of Archangel Raphael. . .

Healing is the premiere essence  and divine dominion of Raphael.  When it comes to healing the emotions, Raphael is capable of helping you sort out mixed emotions and heal them all individually. He cares for all of your feelings and holds them as precious, and so he gives comfort to you specifically depending on where you are hurt. 

Raphael's healing powers will manifest in many different ways. They can take the form of a gift from someone, or a greeting card. It can take the form of a phrase that someone says to you, or a kind gesture. It can be a smile, or witnessing and act of kindness. Raphael's healing can also come in the form of a realization that you make about yourself.

Summoning Meditation for Angel Raphael. . .

When summoning Archangel Raphael, you would summon him out of the west. For a summoning ceremony you will need a few things. These items are as follows: Something in the shape of a heart, a simulated gold plated coin ( can be play money ), a purple ribbon, a yellow candle, and some eucalyptus incense.

Locate the west facing area of your home and face the window. If there is no window there, then simply face the west wall. Having a table or flat surface will be needed. Place the candle on the table or surface and light it chanting to yourself quietly the name of Raphael. Light the incense and allow it to perfume the air for a few moments while continuing your chant.

Now begin to chant the name of Raphael in a low voice, that is, just above a whisper. Place the heart shaped item in front of you and the gold coin on top of that. lay the ribbon in a circle around the coin. Now begin to chant the name of Raphael in a normal voice and say, "Raphael, come now, Raphael heal now, come o Raphael with the blessed healing of God"! Repeat this three times. After you have said this, you can turn out the candle. Raphael will speak to you in three days.

Receiving Divine Intervention from Archangel Raphael. . .

Raphael can also heal relationships. When thee has been harm done to you, or you have hurt someone else, Raphael can mediate the intricacies of emotion very well. There are times when people fall out of contact with each other and leave on bad terms never communicating again. Raphael does not like to see close relationships come to an end, so, he fights for the mending of old wounds between friends and family. There are many times that the only thing that can mend those relationships is divine intervention. When all else fails, Raphael comes to your aid, but you have to ask him for help.

There are many times in life when we have to look within ourselves to heal inner wounds. Raphael specializes in this kind of healing. Healing of the emotions can be very difficult because the pain tends to cloud our judgement. But Raphael can see past your pain to the strength within you. It is from a place of strength that he helps you. He looks at your strong points and encourages you in those areas. He doesn't look at your weaknesses. Your weaknesses are caused by a lack of strength, so he infuses healing into your strong areas so that you will refocus your attention on them, instead of your weakness. 

Guest post by Angel expert Reiden

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