Archangel Uriel ~:~ Duties, Abilities, Powers

The Archangel Uriel. . .   is the angel of poetry and Sundays. The meaning of his name is "God is my light". His stone is amethyst spirit quartz and his number is 10. As the angel of poetry he inspires love between a man and a woman and is the angel of inspiration in general. All inspired writing is inspired by Uriel. Since God is the light of Uriel, all that Uriel shows to mortals leads to God. They say that all paths lead to God. Uriel is the one who lights those paths that lead to God, and reveals each truth along the way.

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Archangel Uriel Duties, Powers ~&~ Responsibilities

Angel Uriel Duties & Powers:
Poetry, Love and Sundays

Uriel Angelic Abilities & Responsibilities:
To bring the light of the Divine into the bond between lovers,
to honor a day of rest to bathe in the light of the Divine spirit

Angel Uriel - Angel of Poetry

Angel Essence of Archangel Uriel. . .

Uriel himself illuminates the path before mortals that allows them to see which steps to take to reach divine spirit and destiny. Whether that path is personal, in occupation, or in relationships, Uriel illuminates all paths so that each person can see what is before them and chose the right way. He also inspires people to chose the right way, that is, the path of personal truth.

Uriel is the angel of Sundays, that is the day of the sun. The sun is a representative of the light of God, hence, Uriel's day is Sunday. On Sundays Uriel is especially active by bestowing to the world special inspiration that is unlike any other day. There is a gateway that Uriel opens up to the divine on Sundays and mortals are allowed to feel the spiritual light of God on that day.

Summoning Meditation for Archangel Uriel. . .

If you were to summon Uriel you would summon him on a Sunday at noon facing the west. You will need a few items for the summoning, which are as follows: A symbol of a fish ( it can be a picture or artwork ), a cube, a black candle, an old fashioned key, and a quartz crystal.

You should be outside in the sun for this summoning. If it is too hot, find an area in your home that is well lit facing west. You can do this summoning on any surface as long as it is fairly level ( mainly for the candle ). Take the fish symbol and place it facing west. The quartz should face south. The key to the east, and the cube to the north. Next place the candle between them all. Light the candle, and as you light it, think of Uriel illuminating your heart.

Next you want to do the actual summoning. Repeat the name of Uriel 7 times while looking into the candlelight. Hold your hands just on the right and left of the candle as you do so. Then say these words, "Uriel, light of God, illuminate my heart within me, illuminate my path before me, and show me the way of truth"! Say these words with conviction and Uriel will come to you on the following Sunday with inspiration that will change your life.

Receiving Guidance from Angel Uriel. . .

As the angel that inspires love between a man and a woman, Uriel is like cupid with his arrows of love. Whenever there is attraction between a man and a woman Uriel can be found inspiring that attraction. He also causes that attraction to grow into true love. He inspires "love at first sight". He also brings soulmates together. Soulmates are special partners. They are twin souls made of the same soul before they were born. Uriel speaks to both of these souls and guides them in finding each other in life. Soulmates are permanently bonded together, and it is Uriel that makes that bond strong.

As the angel that leads people to God Uriel speaks to everyone at all times. Angels are capable of doing things that humans cannot do, so for Archangel Uriel to speak to everyone at once is not impossible. When he speaks, he speaks loudly to the whole world, especially on Sundays, and reminds them that God is waiting for them to answer His call. To answer Gods call is to find your purpose in life and to live it. God has a purpose for everyone and it is Uriel that is constantly leading people to answer the call of God on their lives. 

Guest post by Reiden

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