Archangel Zadkiel ~:~ Powers, Abilities, Duties

Archangel Zadkiel Duties, Responsibilities and Powers. . .    The angel Zadkiel is the angel of freedom, benevolence and mercy. The meaning of his name is "Righteousness of God". He teaches mortals about all things virtuous. His stone is sunstone and his number is 9. As the righteousness of God Zadkiel stands up for those who are righteous. He becomes a warrior to defend those with good hearts against those who try to suppress them.

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Archangel Zadkiel Abilities & Reign of Power

Angel Zadkiel Reign of Powers & Duties:
Freedom, Truth, Benevolence

Zadkiel Angelic Responsibilities:
To reveal the path of Freedom, attained through acts
of benevolence and commitment to truth

Angel Zadkiel - Angel of Freedom

Angelic Essence of Archangel Zadkiel. . .

It has been said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free". As the angel of freedom Zadkiel knows how to influence people with the truth to set them free. He reveals personal secrets that lead to life changing revelations, that shape the course of a persons destiny.

As the angel of benevolence, Zadkiel bestows blessings to bring comfort to those in need. This act of kindness is closely related to his acts of mercy, as he seeks out those in the world that truly need compassion. So if you were to look at all of his attributes you could say that he brings freedom through merciful acts of benevolence.

The only way to attract Zadkiels attention is through acts of benevolence. You will have to show compassion to someone in order to receive his blessings. It is up to you who that person will be, but you will know them when your heart speaks to you.

Summoning Meditation for Zadkiel. . .

To summon Archangel Zadkiel you must first find that special person, and show them some kindness. Zadkiel is summoned out of the north at 3:33 in the afternoon. His specific day is Thursday, so that will be the day of your ceremony. You will require the following: a heart shaped pendant to wear, a red candle, an image of a hummingbird, some olive oil, and some incense of your choosing.

After you have done an act of kindness to that special person, find a north facing window in your home. Set the candle on the nearest flat surface and light it. Do the same with the incense. Put your heart shaped pendant on. Lay the image of the hummingbird down on the table and drop three drops of oil on it. Now, as you repeat the name of Zadkiel, rub the oil all over the image. This is to imbue you with the spirit of virtue.

Now say these words, Zadkiel angel of virtue, benevolence, mercy and freedom, set me free to have a compassionate heart, that I might also receive compassion"! Say this three times. Your act of compassion will be returned to you tenfold by Zadkiel by the following Thursday.

Receiving Divine Guidance from Archangel Zadkiel. . .

As "The Righteousness of God" Zadkiel also bestows righteousness to mortals. You may ask, why is that necessary? Well, many people struggle with feelings of worthiness and also their relationship to God. So, it is obvious to see why a feeling of righteousness might be necessary. Many people out there are self righteous, but that is not true righteousness. Zadkiel bestows righteousness in the form of being a person of good intent and heart. Zadkiel also shows you what is in your heart that is getting in the way of your own "goodness". Many times it can be something as innocent as not feeling good about yourself or a low self esteem!

As the angel of mercy Zadkiel brings mercy to those who seek Gods aid under duress. It may be that your job is too hard or that family relationships are strained. There may be a number of reasons that mercy may be warranted. Zadkiel not only brings mercy but he even puts it in your heart to ask for mercy. He puts it into your heart to keep asking God for His favor. He also bestows the strength to keep praying and to not lose faith in what you hope for. Zadkiel gives you "faith" itself to keep praying for Gods mercy, so he is like an ambassador to God on your behalf.

Guest post by Angel expert Reiden

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