Bat Symbolism & Meaning
       learning to trust your vibes

Bat Symbolism...   "Bat appears at dusk, his power is awakened at night giving him a mysterious sense of the macabre.  Bat has come out of the deep dark cave he moves trusting the sounds and vibrations of his surroundings to guide him.  Bat is drawn to the heat, the energy and the secrets held within fire, he comes close but he does not linger, he only gathers information". 

Bat Meaning... 

Bat is free of conventional ideas, he trusts his own inner instincts... he trusts his vibes.  Bat is a magnificent symbol of being a free spirit.  Bat has learned, and now embodies one of the most powerful gifts one can possess, and that is to follow the vibrations emanating from within. 

Following instincts, intuitions and inner vibes things begin to click... like the echo location of the Bat.  The things that begin to click for you once you follow your inner vibrations are the culmination of the things that follow.

It takes trust to follow your inner vibes, particularly in the beginning... oh but the reward is so sweet... synchronicity, coincidence, serendipity and kismet begin sprinkling down from the Universe ~ this is the sign from the cosmos that you are doing it right, you are now in accord with the vibrations of flow.  

When you are in the vibration of flow, following your own inner guidance system begins to be second nature as you develop trust with it and yourself.  Once you trust yourself you can begin seeking the hidden gifts that have been within you all along ~ have confidence that you will be guided in this area too.

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Bat Symbolism & Spirit Medicine Powers

Bat Totems & Symbols  ~  Vibrations, Sacred Womb, Trust

Bat Spirit Animal Powers  ~  Swiftness,  Surprise, Free Spirit, Hidden Gifts in Plain Sight

Bat Magic  ~   3rd Eye,  ESP, Clairsentience

Bat Spirit Animal

Bat symbolism appears in your midst to
encourage you to trust your vibes 


Following instincts, intuitions and inner vibes
things begin to click...
just like the echo location of the Bat


Bat Spirit Animal and the Powers of the Sacred Womb

The cave is like a sacred womb, deep within the sacred cave is where your powers grow and develop.  When you venture out of the cave you experiment with your powers, knowing that you will return to the cave to find solace and renewal to venture out yet another day.  Each day you venture out you can explore new areas, by new areas I am speaking of new beliefs, new ideas, new experiments to try, and as your confidence in trusting your vibes grows, so does the expanse of the realms you wish to explore.

Bat Symbolism and Powers of the Inner Guidance System

Bat animal navigates by perceiving unseen vibrations and sounds, trusting completely in the realm of extra sensory perception, from the realm of these higher dimensions.   Bat power animal symbolizes going beyond what your eyes can see, being in touch with your inner self, and trusting in the 6th sense and seeing through your third eye.

Bat depends completely upon his internal guidance system, using the vibrations of echo location to navigate his surroundings.   Bat Symbolism introduces us to the exploration of unseen realms.  Bat is your spirit guide on the journey of exploration into these unseen realms.  Bat seems to appear from nowhere, flitting in and out of dimensions, in the same way our thoughts flit from here and now in one moment and into the far distant future or past in the next moment.

To best navigate our life it is most beneficial to have a well developed relationship to our inner guidance system.  Bat spirit guide teaches the importance of consulting your inner self with questions like  "is this good for me?" or...  "what is my inner guidance system telling me right now?".  Going inside and being quiet, having counsel with the divine is when you go into your sacred cave to find this guidance.  Within the sacred cave feeling begin to stir, and you begin to sense the vibrations, you are at a crossroads ~ a decision point... to trust your instincts or to push them down because your ego wants something different.  Your intuition and instincts will always try to guide you to avoid pain and danger, when you go against your inner vibrations you always seem to get yourself into trouble and say to yourself  "there was a little voice inside trying to tell me to not do this, but I just didn't listen".   The spiritual significance of Bat spirit animal appearing for you now to encourage you to trust this little voice inside, it is the guiding force that is here to protect you and help you.

Enter the Sacred Cave with the Bat Spirit Guide

Bat symbolism conveys a sacred representation of going into the deep caverns and caves of what resides in the farthest recesses of the subconscious mind.  In these caverns is where freedom is found.  Bat spirit animal invites you on a transformative meditation where you simply allow images to arise, it is these images that puts you in touch with your personal power to move about your life in the faith and trust that you are being guided from a higher dimension.

In the darkness of the caverns in mystic meditation, the Bat totem animal appears for you to encourage you to open your third eye. Opening your third eye is like opening a doorway to parts of your mind that you weren’t aware existed. The third eye allows for the energy flow to parts of the mind where your intuitions, psychic perceptions, spiritual communications and higher thought orders put you in touch with a realm of information not accessed in any other way…

Deep in these caverns of inner self, glimpses of new realities appear for you, destinies which once seemed beyond your reach begin to feel more and more real, more and more attainable.  

Bat Symbolism and Ancient Shamanic Drumming  

Bats travel in large swarms at dusk cleaning the fields and skies of pests.  To look at the symbolism of this one can see that the Bat is a supreme symbol of the importance of removing negative influences from our lives, it is up to you to observe and discern these influences and to remove the ones that are causing undue stress.   The Bat animal also sleeps in caves with thousands or millions of other bats, all living in harmony and this is an extraordinary symbolic example from nature of how all can live together in harmony, respecting the boundaries of each other. 
When you see a bat, it is a significant symbol for you, listen carefully to the hum of the wings of the bat when they come near, the hum has the sound of a distant drum, the soft drumming of the shaman calling forth spirit for guidance, signs and symbols to be revealed in the night.  

Spiritual meanings and messages of Bat Symbolism

Bat totem speaks a silent message for you, once you have done the work to remove the disturbing negative influences in your life you will access something deep within your realm of feeling...  you will have amazing perception, and can see others clearly - as they really are, this is because of your connection to inner self.  You may feel quite different from others, they don’t quite understand  you and who you really are.  It is important to be patient at this time, this is a time when you can become very self empowered if you release the judgement of what others think of you, and rely on inner guidance.  This is a time of looking at yourself in a new perspective.  Bat symbolism is inviting you to look at things from a perspective which others may think is upside down;  following the unseen guidance rather than chasing only what can be seen with the eyes, which leaves one feeling hollow and wanting more.

There is yet another meaningful message from the Bat regarding perception, the time has come for you to see things from  a greater perspective, from the spiritual perspective of what is best for the greater good of all, such as seeking higher vibrations, removing the negative influences in your life will help you with this, in ways you have not yet imagined.

Bat Symbolism & marching to the beat of your own drum...

Somewhere in the heavenly realm there beats a drum just for you... In essence, the Bat is a symbol of following your own inner guidance system, and only you can hear the guidance that is meant just for you from higher unseen realms, no one else can hear it for you, we each must learn to follow our own inner calling, our own drum.   totems on wiki

Bat ~ mystical symbol of a journey seeking hidden gifts 

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