Beaver Symbolism
Beaver Medicine: Never, ever , ever give up

Beaver Symbolism...     "The Beaver is a monumental symbol of never ever giving up.  Beavers are symbolic for having foresight and vision to scout locations, plan and then carry out the vision of engineering and building their dam and lodge.   The Beaver has incredible foresight and is indeed a true visionary.  The Beaver knows precisely what it needs to sustain itself and finds the perfect location based on the allocation of resources.  It then goes about changing the entire environment in which it builds it's dam and lodge, to suit all of it's needs".

Beaver Meaning

The Beaver meaning is all about becoming a master builder, being a visionary dream maker, locating the perfect spot for a home providing security and abundant resources right outside the front door, or tunnel as it happens to be with the Beaver!

If you're looking to become a master architect for your life, look no further than the ever industrious spirit animal the Beaver.   Symbols of the Beaver Spirit Animal; industrious, problem solver, resourceful, totem animal of never ever giving up on your dream.

The Beaver Lodge is carved out from under the dam once the dam is built, the Lodge will keep the Beaver family warm and dry all winter long.

The Beaver dam is built from hundreds or even thousands of branches of nearby trees, and is built in an area surrounded by plentiful trees that it will use to maintain it's lodge as well as to eat, as trees are it's primary diet. 

The Beaver lodge is also a dam.   It is built within a waterway, such as a stream or river in such a way that the dam will create multiple ponds around the lodge once it's built, serving the Beaver with abundant resources for food and lodge repair and expansion.  Some Beaver dams are exceptionally large, spanning the length of a football field, providing a home for several generations of Beavers.

Beavers have very strong family connections and all members of the family help to build and maintain the lodge.

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Beaver Spirit Animal Medicine

Beaver symbols:  Industrious, Engineering, Problem Solving

Beaver spirit animal totems:  Surrounded by Abundance, Cooperation

Beaver animal magic:   Visioning the Future, Weaving Magic

Beaver spirit animal
Beaver Symbol

Beaver Spirit Animal and powers of Persistence and Discipline

The Beaver Spirit Animal is an extraordinary example of focus of energy, persistence, discipline, and being open to change. Beaver animal guide teaches to use the tools you have at hand to create what you need and want, beginning with what you have before you.  Just as a Beaver builds his dam, your tools and special gifts can be used to provide comfort for you and your family.  

Beaver Power Animal and the Need for Sanctuary

Fast and elegant animals swimming in the element of water, which is the realm of emotions and intuition.  Beavers create very private sanctuaries within the walls of their dams.  The Beaver lodge is a fortress with private entrances.   The Beaver is in keen relationship to intuition, listening to his inner wisdom as to where the perfect spot will be to provide abundant resources and a sanctuary for the family.

This Beaver totem energy speaks to the need to give yourself the sanctuary to nourish your emotions and to be able to make connection to and draw wisdom from your intuition.

Give yourself the sanctuary to nourish your emotions and well being so that you have the emotional strength and stamina to carry through your vision of your "Beaver Dam".   This sanctuary will foster the ideas with ingenuity, originality and perseverance.

Beaver Symbolism and Defending What is Yours

Even the Beaver needs discernment and protection,  The Beavers sanctuary needs protecting and defending from intruders and invaders...  Be prepared to defend what you have worked so hard to build.  Trust but keep your eyes and your spiritual eyes open, remain discerning.

Beaver Symbolism and the Connection to Guidance

The Beaver has a large strong tail that looks like a flap, and works like a flipper and serves as a rudder guiding him, as he sails through the water with his front hands tucked in close to his body.   Beaver is at one with the water, following the fluid feelings undulating in the realm of intuition.  

Beaver Symbolism and The Magic of Weaving

Beavers special magic is the magic of weaving, weaving twigs and branches to create the vision he holds for his sanctuary... the Beaver Lodge, surrounded by the currents of nurturing and sustaining energies and emotions.  Twig by twig, branch by branch the Beaver is the master builder, he is a dream maker and the sublime example of taking one small step at a time to bring the vision to fruition.

Do Beavers Mate For Life ?

Ahhhh yes, give the sturdy little Beavers a nod for dedication, loyalty and commitment too, as Beavers are one of the very few animals that mate for life.   totems on wiki

Beaver Medicine ~ Build it and they will come

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