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Butterfly Tattoo Ideas. . .  The butterfly tattoo is the symbol of transformation. This transformation can take many forms. It can be a transformation of the mind, heart, soul or body. It can also take an external meaning, such as a transformation at work, in relationships and personal interests and hobbies. The transformation of the butterfly is going from one state to another, it is a change in form or energy. You may feel subtle changes in energy with the butterfly.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas ~ A Variety of Design Styles

Butterfly tattoo idea with fairy
butterfly fantasy tattoo idea
Vintage butterfly tattoo ideas
Butterfly tattoo realism
Vintage butterfly tattoo inspiration

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Butterfly Tattoo Meaning:   Life Change. . .

The butterfly tattoo idea can represent a transformation of the mind. The mind is filled with thoughts and is the center of our consciousness. The mind controls everything that we do and a transformation of the mind can be a substantial life change. If your mind is filled with fears, a simple change in thought process can be trans-formative and give you a completely new perspective of life.

The Symbolism Of The Butterfly Tattoo:  Transformation of the Heart. . .

The heart is where we contemplate our purpose in life and the things that truly mean something to us. To have a transformation of the heart means that we as individuals are transformed into something new, like the butterfly being transformed from the caterpillar. The cocoon represents the heart, where our feelings are transformed. feelings are the caterpillar waiting to be set free in the form of a butterfly. Many people cannot process feelings. That is where the magic of the butterfly will help them. Call upon the butterfly to set your heart free.

Butterfly tattoo meaning also applies to the soul. It can set free trauma that is deeply embedded in the subconscious and bring the transformation of the inner child within you. Butterfly magic is very powerful and has the ability to move aspects of our souls to a place of freedom. If you need deep cleansing of the soul from past pain or from karmic debts, the butterfly can help you in clearing those things.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas and the Movement of Energy. . .

Butterfly symbolism means movement of energy. The butterfly moves a great amount of energy in the process of becoming a butterfly, which is a gift that can be applied to energy lock away in the body. You may have healing energy that is hidden within you. The butterfly has the power to move that energy and awaken it so that you can tap into it.

Whatever you want to transform in your life, expect that there will be changes. As the butterfly tattoo symbol represents movement from one form to another, expect those changes to be dramatic as well, but always for the better.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas:  Representing the Delicate Nature of Transformation. . .

The butterfly tattoo symbolizes the trans formative process of life itself. Life has many lessons to teach, and to fight the lesson is to fight your transformation. The universe has a way of showing you what you need to know and our part is to seek to learn from those lessons. You may be having some hardships right now and are wondering "what is the lesson I am suppose to learn from this"? The lesson of life is transformation. You will not be the same person ten years from now that you are today. So, the idea is to seek the answer to what you are suppose to learn from this transformation you are going through.

The butterfly tattoo idea also symbolizes a delicate care to the transformation process. Many times we are very hard on ourselves because we do not perform better than we are. One of the most important factors when you are going through the transformation of life's lessons is to handle your emotions delicately. When you are going through emotional transformation your feelings will be delicate, so be extra kind to yourself. It may be that being kind to yourself is the very answer you seek as far as your lesson. Many people can be kind to others, but don't know how to be kind to themselves. This can be the transformation you have been seeking!

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