Christmas Symbols
the enduring and everlasting symbols of Christmas

Christmas Symbols :~:   Symbols of Christmas time fill us with memories of things held dear in the heart, special times with family and friends surrounded by enduring symbols such as a Tree filled with decorations, Holly, Gingerbread Men, Hot Cocoa, Presents . . .  and hearts brimming with love.

Christmas Symbols. . .     As everything changes so quickly in the world around us, it is Christmas that reminds us of enduring tradition, celebration and symbols that are recognized the world round.   These symbols of Christmas fill us with memories of our childhood, memories of a first Christmas as a couple and the sweet first Christmas of a child.  Wrapped in love are the symbols of the Christmas Season that surround us, filling us with warmth and anticipation.   Christmas is a time of love and family, and we go out of our way to create new and cherished memories each year.  My wish for you, make each Christmas special.

~:~:~ Just a few Symbols of Christmas  ~:~:~

Christmas Tree, Holly, Gingerbread Men, Chestnuts, Presents, Cookies,  Santa, Reindeer, Figgy Pudding, Fruitcake, Cocoa, Lights, Carols, Snowflakes, Elves, Sleighs & Sleigh bells, Snow Poinsetta, Tree Decorations

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Treasured Christmas Symbols

christmas tree - christmas symbol

Christmas Tree  ~:~    The lights of the Christmas Tree are symbolic of the twinkling lights in the night sky that led the three kings to the nativity, and can be a visual sign of welcome for your friends and family that they can see through the window, which is why the tree is usually placed in the window at the front of the house.  The decorations on the tree are symbolic of mementos, good wishes and blessings.  The gifts under the tree symbolize the gifts brought to the new baby Jesus.  The Christmas tree is of Pagan origin celebrating the winter solstice and the coming of spring, this time treasured practice was adopted by the Christians as a way to celebrate Christmas.

holly - christmas symbol

Holly  ~:~  Holly is found in abundance during winter, the bright green leaves and red berries symbolize the colors of Christmas. 

The druids believed that Holly repels negative energies and attracts favorable spirits.  The shape of the leaf of Holly closely resembles the shape of a Christmas Tree.  The lyrics of Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly, brings about the visions of enduring Christmas symbols.

gingerbread man - christmas symbol

Gingerbread Men  ~:~  Adorable Christmas Symbols are the ever loveable Gingerbread Men.  Creating Gingerbread Men began under the realm of Queen Elizabeth I, as a caricature of her dinner guests, Nowadays, Gingerbread Men are a delightful and playful symbol of Christmas, cookies, toys and decorations but of course.  Run, Run fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

chestnuts on an open fire

Chestnuts  ~:~  With the song " Chestnuts roasting on an open fire " sung by Bing Crosby, who doesn't think of  a family sitting around the crackling fire with a big bowl of warm nuts, a nutcracker and stories of sleigh rides, Santa Claus, or watching a favorite Christmas movie like The Grinch, The Holiday or An Affair to Remember, or.....  your favorite.

christmas presents

Gift Exchange  ~:~  Gift giving is symbolic of the gifts brought to the baby Jesus upon his birth.  It has become a world wide tradition to exchange and give gifts to those you love at Christmas.  As much as we all love receiving gifts its the giving of gifts that reminds us all that it is much more fulfilling to give than receive.   Homemade gifts are always the ones that are the most heartwarming and last as enduring treasures.  Gifts from Santa are also a fun and magical and delight the hearts of kids of all ages.

christmas cookies

Cookies  ~:~  The aroma of cookies filling the house, weekends spent cooking and decorating cookies to give as gifts remind everyone of the sweetness of Christmas and childhood memories of long ago.   Sugar cookies are shaped in Christmas symbols; stars, bells, santa's, presents, making them all the more delicious to eat!

Santa, symbol of Christmas

Santa  ~:~  Santa... the jolly old elf who lives in the North Pole and rides his magical sleigh on Christmas Eve bringing presents to the girls and boys all around the world.  Santa fills every child's heart with wild anticipation, as they squeal with delight as they run to the tree on Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought them.  Santa gets so chubby eating all of the cookies left out by the little ones.

Santa's reindeer

Reindeer  ~:~  The Reindeer are the magical creatures that can take flight once Santa puts on their magic reins. 

Figgy Pudding

 Figgy Pudding  ~:~  " So bring us some Figgy Pudding... and bring it right now"{! The carolers demand Figgy Pudding!   Figgy Pudding is a cake with nuts and figs, brandy and rum ~ ohhh my!  This is an old English tradition also know as Christmas Pudding and Plum Pudding.  For the making of Figgy Pudding everyone in the house must participate in the ritual of making Figgy Pudding... each person must stir the batter, and trinkets may be secretly dropped in the batter and the person who finds them will be showered with blessings of good luck for the coming year.


Fruitcake  ~:~   Filled with nuts and dried fruits, homemade fruitcake is absolutely delicious.  For those who don't like Fruitcake a great substitution would be carrot cake or banana nut bread ~ just add some of the dried fruit for the festive symbolism ~ and your fruitcake will rock!

hot cocoa and christmas

Cocoa  ~:~  For me Hot Chocolate is synonymous with Christmas.  I adore having hot chocolate and cinnamon toast on Christmas Eve gathered with my family next to the fire, and for the grown ups adding a spot of Kahlua ~ but of course! 

christmas lights as symbols of christmas

Lights  ~:~   Decorating our homes, streets and offices fills the towns and cities with the spirit of the holidays, making everything look so festive and inviting... and makes holiday shopping different than shopping at any other time.

christmas carolers

Carols  ~:~  Christmas songs called carols, and carolers go door to door bringing cheer.  " Have a holly, jolly Christmas. It's the best time of the year. I don't know if there 'll be snow but have a cup of cheer".  I have gone caroling many times, and simply adore it, when I was a girl doing it with my friends we often scored cookies and sweets ;)

snowflakes ~ christmas symbols

Snow  ~:~  Snowflakes are used as symbolic decorations in windows and fills every elementary and kindergarten room around the world as symbols of Christmas. Each and every snowflake is completely unique ~ now how amazing is that, I think it's just pure magic.

elves - symbols of Christmas

Elves  ~:~  Elves, the ever enduring and loveable helpers at the North Pole.  Playful, cute  and did I say loveable??    Elf on the Shelf is fast becoming an iconic symbol of Christmas frolic among young and old alike.

sleighride - symbols of Christmas

Sleighs & Sleigh Rides  ~:~  An old fashioned sleigh ride through the snow, with bells jingle~jangling, the snow gently falling and the sound of hooves dancing down the lane. 

poinsetta - symbols of christmas

Poinsetta ~:~  The Poinsetta is a beautiful flower and Christmas symbol that blooms at Christmas time, in reds and pinks.  This picture is of many Poinsetta's set around a base in the shape of a tree, now how perfectly beautiful is that?

Christmas Symbols ~ and Enduring Nostalgia

As much as the world around us changes, it seems to be Christmas that brings a touch of nostalgia to all of us.  Christmas symbols reminding us of simpler times and the importance of spending time with the ones we love, creating new and treasured memories and traditions to pass on.  

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