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1.  Aquamarine   You are a spiritual guide, learn to trust your intuition, the messages from Spirit are from your Soul, guiding you to your best and highest path.

Hidden Talent:   You have rare natural intuitive abilities, and when you learn how to tap into this gift at a higher level, you become open to psychic vision, having access to the akashic realm.   You see the highest and best aspect of future potentials in others.  When you pair your intuitive abilities with love and light you become a force or nature.  If you are a healer, you can use your intuitive abilities to see and clear blocks that need to be healed and removed.   You could train to become a shamanic healer.  

Passion:   You have a passion for learning about feminine empowerment,  You have a strong connection to Goddess energies.  You have a deep hidden passion and love of ancient stories of Atlantis and their energy technologies, particularly for healing.  You must be as near to the sea as possible, or visit the sea often, when land - locked you feel  an urge to be near the sea, do you dream of being a mermaid?.

2.  Florite  You have the gift of manifestation.  Focus on the positive, and learn to use the power of lazer focus to manifest your heart's desires. 

Hidden Talent   You have an uncanny ability for focus, you can learn how to use that ability to super engage the art of creative visualization.  Creative Visualization is the key component of manifestation, when paired with your hidden passion of expression -- tapping into your feelings manifestation can become your greatest power.  You could  be a personal coach helping others in manifesting their hearts desires.  

Passion   Your passions are in the realm of creativity, you love anything and everything that taps into your creative expression.  You may be an artist, a dancer or musician and doing art professionally  even as a side gig is a possibility for you.  

3.  Agate   All that surrounds you is teaching you, telling you stories and helping you to understand how to work in co-creation with nature and the natural forces of energy.

Hidden Talent   You have a gift of connecting with the ways of the ancient world, you observe the cultures of the ancient worlds and know how to bridge the knowledge of our world and theirs.  Your gift is tied to the earth, and agriculture.   You understand the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth.  You may have a gift of knowing how to work with natural energy sources, like wind, water and solar.

Passion   You have a passion for exploration and travel.   This passion may just be awakening, or it may have been with you your whole life.  You would make a great tour guide, or travel writer teaching others about the natural and created wonders of the world.

4.  Amethyst    You have a spiritual essence of an animal healer, you have a heart to heal earths creatures great and small.

Hidden Talent  You have a deep and abiding yearning for the spiritual realm,  you can be at one with Spirit at a moments notice.    Your talent in understanding the deeper aspects of being can help others who can't seem to find their way, or have lost their way.   You could be a speaker bringing inspiration and healing messages to the world.  

Passion   You have a passion for learning the secrets of spiritual energy and finding the gateway to Shambala, you know it exists and you know that it's only a matter of time until you find the path.  In this world or the next, you will stay true to who you are so that this gateway will be revealed to you.

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Crystal test reveal answers 5 - 9 

5.  Carnelian
  At your highest expression, within you is a world of peace and love, you embody love.

Hidden Talent   You are a healer of the heart.  You deeply understand how to see the facets of relationships, what works and what does not.  You have a sense of the vibration of a relationship and how to heal it, or know when it is time to let go.   This talent if nurtured could lead you to do this professionally.  Be gentle with others and yourself in this are, remember that you are dealing with the heart.

Passion  You have a passion for roaming wide open spaces, the deserts of Utah call your name.  You love to explore the realms of inner peace; in meditation, in going for a drive, in finding something magical in your day.   Your essence radiates peace and tranquility, for all.

6.  Azurite   Something mystical wants to be known, and you have the power to share these mysteries of the Universe, you are a mystic.

Hidden Talent  You have an ability to tap into the cosmic forces,  you understand the stars and the movement of stars.  You have a natural ability with cosmology, astronomy and astrology.  You see things in the night sky that others do not.  You may be very good at interpreting signs and symbols.  You could use your talent to help others who want to know how the stars effect their life path.  

Passion  You love the desert, particularly the night skies of the magnificent desert, you may live or want to live somewhere like New Mexico, the desert brings you closer to your innate wisdom of the stars and the mystical.  You have mystical stories to tell, and could have a book inside of you!  

7.  Turquoise   You are an empath, you are drawn to herbs and energy healing

Hidden Talent   You are a healer from a long line of healers, having healing knowledge in your DNA.  You have a natural ability to undertstand how plants and minerals work together to create healing tonics, ointments, and tintcures.  You may use sound or aromatherapy healing, along with energy and touch healing.  You understand the laying on of rocks, crystal grids and ley lines.  You feel the energy of everything and you have a healing touch.

Passion   You love to tell stories of healing and miracles,  you love to collect all of natures little gifts;  stones, shells, twigs, leaves, flowers - anything that represents Mother Natures bounty. 

8.  Clinochlore   Your heart is filled with kindness, you bring divine inspiration wherever you go, you are a muse.

Hidden Talent   You have an ability to hear the angels, and messages infused with energy and love from the higher realms.   You have heart awareness and intelligence of the heart.  You light the path for others, you know how to release and let go, you are healer of words, your words can bring pure joy -- in poetry or song.  You could be a minstrel or a designer bringing the energy of light to the dwellings of others.   At your highest vibration you are a muse with the heart of an Earth Angel.

Passion   You love music and the garden, to be in the garden is heaven on Earth for you.  you have a gift with what you grow, you play music for your plants and you watch them respond.

9.  Citrine   You are like sunshine, radiating prosperity and new trails to blaze, you may be a golden child.

Hidden Talent    You have a golden touch with creating something magnificent out of anything you touch.  Your talent lies in "seeing" prosperity potential in yourself and others, others may seek you out looking for advice on how to reach their goals.  You are filled with motivational energy.  You could be or become a motivational leader, you know that nothing can hold you back - you have a yes I can attitude and others are drawn to it.

Passion    Your passion is to be adventurous, to do daring things and blaze new trails.  You are a leader, and you are passionate about everything you do and how you do it.  Everything always can be turned into something beneficial, and you never ever give up.

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