Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas  ~with~  Meaning & Symbolism

Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas. . .  The symbolism of the Dragonfly tattoo radiates magic and all that magic encompasses.   The dragonfly tattoo also  represents fantasy. Fantasy is a part of life, and is an essential part of the human experience. We fantasize about everything every day. Fantasizing can be a healthy part of the growth process. The dragonfly, according to legend, was once a dragon. These dragons soared around the ancient world creating magic wherever they went, and thus influenced the mind of mortals with grand fantasy.

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Symbolism of Dragonfly Tattoo:  Enchanted Realms and Lands of Fantasy. . .

Dragonfly tattoo symbolism means "the guide to all your fantasies". The dragonfly will lead you to those fantasies if you allow him to. The dragons sleep the dream-sleep of fantasy in this age, while their representatives, the dragonfly's, carry their subconscious thoughts to mortals and inspire them with fantastic inspiration. The inspiration of fantasy will change your life if you allow it to. Dragonfly tattoo meaning is to take you to your wildest dreams and make them a reality.

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Dragonfly Tattoo Idea
Vintage Dragonfly Tattoo Art
Fantasy Tattoo Girl riding Dragonfly

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Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning ~ Connections to the Legends of the Dragon. . .

The dragons of the ancient world were the founders of the magic that lives deep within the Earth. They came from within the Earth and appeared through deep caves and have since returned to their lairs. But the dragons left a part of themselves behind in the form of dragonfly's. These dragonfly's were created to remind humans of the dragons that once flew the skies above. They are the spirits of the dragons themselves and a promise that one day the dragons will return to soar above us again and fill our lives with magic and fantasy.

Whenever you see a dragonfly, know, that magic and fantasy are in the air. They come to bring the world of all things fantastic to your doorstep. The fantasy of the dragonfly tattoo symbol is the gateway to the magical realm. All of magic can be tapped into through fantasy. When you realize that the dragonfly tattoo idea symbolizes fantasy, the dragonfly immediately begins to take you on a journey to fulfilling your fantasies.

Dragonfly Tattoos  Convey Telepathy, Utopia, Belief in Magic. . .

The dragonfly tattoo idea comes with a rich history of magical fantasy that dates back millennia, even to prehistoric times when the first dragonfly's appeared. Those dragonfly's were much larger back then... (3 feet across ~ oh my)  and the people of prehistory believed in their magic. They telepathically communicated with the dragonfly as the dragonfly communicated to them. They talked of when the dragons would return and and the world would be a utopia. Call to the dragons and believe in the dragonfly!

Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas Reveal Secret Powers of the Imagination. . .

Dragonfly tattoo meaning symbolizes imagination as well as fantasy. We all fantasize in our imaginations. The dragonfly teaches us to use our imaginations to fulfill our fantasies. How do you tap into the power of your imagination? Well, one way to tap into that power is through visualization. Visualize all the things that you fantasize about. Do you want a special car? Do you want a new home? Do you want a relationship? Fantasize about it, visualize it! Visualization is a very powerful tool. It is a divine gift that we are given to guide our dreams and make them a reality!

The dragon tattoo idea also symbolizes visions and dreams. Have you ever had a vision of something, and was sure that it was a divine message? Most of us have had a vision in one form or another. Visions are messages from the Divine Creator to put you on the path of your destiny. The dragonfly gives us visions sent by the dragons, who are divine in nature. The Creator uses many beings to send us messages, but the dragonfly is a very special kind of messenger. Dragonfly's also give us dreams that have messages in them. Pay close attention to your dreams in order to connect to the dragons!

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