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Feng Shui Good Fortune Symbol the Koi Fish 

7 Feng Shui Symbols to Bring Good Fortune ~  ( part 3 of 7 series ) 

# 3 in our series of Symbols for Good Fortune is the The Koi, Fish or Carp 

The Koi and Fish in general are symbols of wealth, strength and prosperity.

The Koi or Carp Fish represent wealth and prosperity, and here's an awesome fact:   the actual word in Chinese for fish translates into "abundance", how totally cool is that! 

The Carp is especially celebrated for its strength and bravery;  it is said to live for over 100 years and continuously swims upstream, against the currents and fights adversity throughout its entire life.

In feng shui, Carp are related to goldfish or Koi.

You can easily create a symbol of prosperity in your home by placing three goldfish in a bowl, this attracts prosperity and good fortune amid adversity, or difficult times.

Feng Shui also teaches that statues or pictures of Koi or Carp will bring good fortune to your home or business.   Koi paintings are typically done in watercolor, you can also find some extraordinarily beautiful embroidered art pieces featuring koi swimming in beautifully landscaped ponds.   

Koi Fish are especially hardy, and can live and thrive in backyard ponds (before digging a hole in your backyard oasis,  be sure to find out exactly what is needed in your area to have a successful koi pond --- size, temperature, plants etc).  

Domestically raised Koi usually grow about 12 to 15 inches long.

Japanese Koi usually grow 22 to 26 inches in long.

Jumbo sized Koi grow up to 34 to 36 inches long.

Jumbo Koi can sell for thousands of dollars when fully grown, yet another way they magnificently symbolize good fortune!

Symbols of Good Fortune May Be All Around You

Have you ever noticed how many Chinese or Japanese restaurants have Koi ponds, or display Koi art in their restaurants?    This is an ancient Feng Shui design tool to draw abundance and prosperity to their businesses while sharing the beauty of their culture!   Take note of where and how these establishments display these symbols of good fortune and prosperity, because placement is very important when considering feng shi energy in these cultures!

Here's a secret tip for using Feng Shui Good Fortune Symbols and Koi

I've noticed large aquarium pools near the entrance of many Chinese restaurants -- this symbolizes prosperity walking through the front door -- ooh don't you just love that energy!   

koi fish - symbol of good fortune

Koi -- Feng Shui Symbol of
Good Fortune, Strength & Prosperity

                                                                      koi photo: mercurynews.com

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