Norse Goddess Freya

Norse Goddess Freya. . .  Freya is considered the mother of the gods in Norse mythology. In all cultures, she symbolically represents the perfection of female power. Although her powers of magic are benevolent, they all come with a price that must be paid by those who ask for her blessings. She will grant her blessing to whoever asks, as long as they are worthy. But even the worthy must bring a sacrifice that represents loyalty and faithfulness to her in their actions, and what they do with her blessings. Let it be said that she does not suffer fools.

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Freya and the Link Between the Mortal and Eternal Realm

If one is not honorable with the use of Freya's gifts, she can be a terrible Goddess indeed, in respect to her retribution. She is one of the oldest Goddesses of The Norse pantheon, second only to the great Goddesses of The Primordial Realm. She is an ambassador for The Primordial Goddesses, and when one crosses her, she delivers that individual over to the primordial goddesses to be tested, or punished. Nevertheless, her blessings are vast, and more priceless than all the Norse Gods combined. She is the link between the realm of mortals, and symbol of the eternal realms that the human eye cannot see.

The Powers and Symbols of Goddess Freya

Freya brings the blessings and gifts of : Abundance, Prosperity, and Knowledge

Symbols of Freya :  Cats, Carriage, Fairies, Crimson Hair

  Beauty, Love, Fertility and Feminine Sexuality

Freya brings the magic of :  Ritual, and Word Power, Spell-craft, and Dream-weaving

Norse Goddess Freya

Beyond her beauty and allure, known for her powers of fertility, symbolic of love and sexuality... Freya has astounding powers of discernment and seeing truth and will not compromise on these factors.

 Exploring the symbolic meaning of Freya

Gifts of Nurturing and Kindness from Freya

Although Freya is The Mother of The Norse Gods, and the epitome of nurturing and kindness, She is also, symbolically, The Goddess of Wrath. She does not take kindly to her love being abused, and holds those who have been blessed with her love to very strict standards.

The Goddess Freya will guide you from the time you are born, and watches mortals closely to see who will grow to be worthy warriors suitable to enter the glory of Her realm upon leaving the mortal world. Her testing is severe, only because her grace and blessings are worth far more than any price that can be paid.

Freya's Blessings of Power and Knowledge

Another meaning of the goddess is that she blesses us with the power of knowledge. Freya is all-knowing, and all -powerful. Her authority is never in question as a daughter of the primordial goddess of nature.  She was selected to represent all the forces of nature, and is so doing, is unquestionable and unchanging. She is the symbol of mother nature. She cannot be challenged by anyone, mortal, be it God, Goddess, dwarf, elf, fairy, nymph, or any of the magical creatures. Her power and wisdom are absolute.

If you seek wisdom, you would call upon Freya and she will communicate to you through symbols, and grant you their sacred meaning. But be warned, every grace, blessing, or favor you ask of her, will come at the expense of a sacrifice from your self. Freya demands that we offer something worthy in return, of our mind, our heart, our body and soul. Do not think that she can be fooled, because she know your thoughts before they come out of your mouth, and she has an answer for you before you have even made your request. So choose your words wisely!

If you choose to follow the path that Freya has set before you, you must be dedicated beyond your own capacity of understanding. You cannot understand Freya's wisdom with the mortal mind, or human logic. The meaning of Freya's understanding is of an ancient kind before humans ever walked the Earth.

Goddess Freya will lead you in ways that appear to be completely different than the path of all others, which is because you have chosen the path of that leads to the eternal realm. Your desires, thoughts, choices and feelings will change dramatically, and you will see everything around you with eternal eyes. She will show you the meaning of the world, and creation itself through her eyes!

You will change, and you will shed many things that you used to hold dear. In exchange, you will see the truth, through the eyes of the Goddess Freya!           for more about gods and goddesses see wikipedia

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