Moth Symbolism 
Dancing in the realm of the
Eternal Flame

Moth Symbolism resonates with a deep and meaningful spiritual pursuit.  Aligned to the element of fire, which ignites and holds passion, thus illuminating the mind in the realm of the eternal flame of truth.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Moth . . .  
The Moth symbolizes a very pure form of a spiritual pursuit. It is the pursuit of light and the joy of being entertained by the light. This light is the light of all things good and pleasurable. The moth bathes in that light and gets its energy from it. That light is the light of the element of fire, which is passion. The passion of the moth for the light illuminates the mind of moth as it contemplates the innocent passion of the eternal flame of truth.

The Powers and Symbols of The Moth

Moth Symbolism brings the blessings and gifts of:
Truth, Wonder, Delight, and Passion

The symbols of the Moth are:
Fire, Wings, Wind

Moth brings the magic of:
Light, Crystals, and Music

Moth Symbolism ~ White Lined Sphinx

The soft pastel colors of the White Lined Sphinx Moth give it an aura of spiritual wonder, in flight it resembles a hummingbird, and it hovers over a flower with a long tongue dipping into the sweet nectar . . .

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Moth Meaning & The Link Between The Physical and Spiritual Realms

The Moth symbolically delights in any form of light. It dances around the light like a fairy around a fire. The moth comes out at night in search of the light. The night represents the darkness of ones own ego and the pitfalls that accompany it. Moth recognizes that it cannot find its answers in the dark, so it seeks out any form of light to illuminate its heart. The Moth teaches  the symbolic meaning to follow the light like it follows its heart. In fact the light represents the "heart-light" that guides all souls along the quest of their destiny. As the Moth follows one light to the next it sees the mirror of its own heart in the darkness and remembers that there are no answers in the ego, no matter how many ways the ego represents itself.  So, once it has learned the lesson at one light source, it goes to the next "light-lesson" being careful not to fall prey to its own ego while flying through the darkness of the night.

Spiritual Expressions of Moth Spirit Animal

Wonder. . .

Moth symbolism and the gift of wonder. The light represents all things beautiful, enchanting, and pleasant. As the moth  is drawn to the light, it experiences all these things in many forms. The truth of the moth is specific to the moth, as the truth to a human being is specific to each and every one of us. No two humans are exactly alike in truth, not even identical twins. The light of the universe will reveal itself differently to each being. The difference in truth is a wonder for the beholder as the awareness of your own uniqueness becomes apparent to you. And that is the wonder of the moth spirit animal, a keen awareness that it is unique in the eyes of the Creator. The Creator put so much thought into every created thing that He/She had to give them all their own unique truth to ponder.

Personal Truth. . .

The delight of the moth power animal is the awareness of its personal truth. For many, the search for personal truth may take a lifetime. Others are born knowing their personal truth. Others still have to arrive at their truth through struggle and hardship. The moth finds it by drawing itself to the light in the midst of the darkest night. It knows that if it can just find a light source to see by, it can always be reminded of the beauty within its own heart as reflected by the light. It will always remember that its heart comes from a place of light, and so it sees itself as the light that it delights in.

Crystals. . .

The magical nature of Moth Symbolism is found in crystals and music.  Crystals emit a light-sound frequency that the moth can hear and see. Moth can be found near the source of crystals by day when it is dormant. The Moth sleeps to the sound of the music that crystals emit. Crystal music is the passion of the moth because it is in the music that the crystals emit that the moth understands the light. Crystals emit different spectrum's of light that are invisible to humans, but can be seen by the moth. All forms of light are connected, like molecules are connected to other molecules. At night, when the moth wakes up, it follows the path of crystal light to sources of light in the night. The whole purpose of moth symbolism is to experience every form of light and understand all of it qualities. In so doing, it comes to know all of the ever growing truth in itself.   Moth Symbolism ~ by Presley Love                    join me on ~~> FB

Drawn to the flame, Moth is the reflection of truth  

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