Mouse Symbolism

Mouse Symbolism. . .    Mouse represents the personification of instinct. The mouse survives on its instincts. It has to follow them to keep out of harms way. The mouse does not have any natural defenses and has many enemies, so it has had to develop its instincts to the ultimate degree. It also has come to depend on a keen sense of observation as it navigates its world looking for food. The mouse also relies heavily on "timing" to know when, and when not to do something. These traits are the only tools the mouse has at its disposal, other than its small size, for escaping predators. It's small size is also good for reaching hard to fit places for finding food, and hiding places..

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The Mouse And The Link Between the Physical and Spiritual Realm

More about the instincts and the Mouse spirit animal.  Mouse has to rely on its instinct to survive, this is it's greatest power. This "instinct" of the mouse has reached legendary status in the animal kingdom. There are many animals that prey on the mouse, but mouse depends on a spiritual level of instinct from which it derives a personal sense of security in the midst of a dangerous world. The mouse taps into the spirit world through its instincts, and that is how it receives its answers from the universe. The mouse communes with the divine through its instincts and finds all that it needs as the creator teaches it to fend for itself. We also, as human beings can learn the lesson of the mouse symbolism by paying close attention to our instincts, and letting the divine spirit of creation speak to us through them.

Powers and Symbols of The Mouse


Mouse brings the blessings and gifts of:
Trinkets, Stones, and Anything Shiny

The Symbols of The Mouse are:
Instincts, Observation, Timing, and Gathering

Mouse symbolism brings the magic of:
Comfort, Amulets, and Protection

Mouse Symbolism

Observation, Timing, Self Protection ~&~
The Symbolic Meaning of The Mouse

Survival Instincts. . .

Mouse symbolism conveys the embodiment of survival instincts, however observation, timing and protection are all aspects of its powerful instincts.    The mouse  observes everything in its surroundings. It is when mouse is observant of its world that it begins to see things differently. The mouse watches everything and takes it all into consideration before it makes a move to navigate its way in the world. Everything the mouse observes, it takes interest in. To the mouse, everything has significance. The mouse interprets and calculates everything it sees before it makes a move, and this is the ultimate survival instinct tool.

Quickness. . .

Mouse is quick to interpret everything in its world and decide what is of value, and what to pursue. The timing of the mouse is based on its observation. Mouse super-powers are to observe, and time its movements based on the value of its observations. For instance, if the mouse sees seeds in the open field, it first realizes that this makes it an open target for all predators, but the mouse has to eat. So, It watches the sky for hawks and the field for foxes and cats. When the time is right the mouse gets closer to the seeds, watching its surroundings with keen vision. Once it reaches the seeds, it takes what it wishes and runs back to safety watching its path intently. So, mouse meaning teaches us about "deliberate" timing, and being careful to time everything to your advantage.

Self Protection. . .

Some of the enemies of the mouse are hawks, coyotes, foxes, cats, snakes and owls. That is why mouse symbolism includes protection, because the mouse has to learn how to protect itself more than other animals do. The mouse spirit animal is a master of staying hidden. It uses this clandestine skill to protect itself from being caught or even being seen at all. Mouse carries the  power of excellent vision. Mouse has the ability to spot predators from long distances and hide before being seen. With its excellent hearing, it can tell the difference between friend and foe and hides from danger. Likewise, humans can learn to use their senses to hide from emotional predators. Emotional predators are those that use your energy and drain you for their own purposes. Mouse symbolism teaches the importance to protect yourself from emotional predators.. Learn the lesson of the mouse animal totem, begin to trust your instincts, open your intuitive awareness and feel the best timing of things. 

The Grasshopper Mouse:
There are some truly amazing things about the Grasshopper Mouse which can be found in the Saguaro Desert in Arizona.  Not only does it thrive in the extreme harsh conditions of the desert heat, this little mouse is fierce with a capital F!  She will go one on one with a 6" scorpion.  Here's the battle: the scorpion approaches the den of a mama mouse - the scorpion attacks with a deadly venomous sting, the little mama mouse retreats appearing to be defeated, but before the 9 count she rises, and with the courage and heart of a warrior she rises and turns to face her nemesis.  She has a ferocious bite and she bites the tail of the scorpion over and over, and in a few moments it's over, she has conquered the invader.  She has her feast and returns to her litter of babies.  What happened?  How's this possible?  She carries a remarkable anti-venom which takes only seconds to overcome the poison of the sting.    So here the mouse teaches about the super power of unpredictability, surprise and preparation in the most extreme circumstances.. 

Mouse Spirit Animal ~ Curious, Quick, Clever 

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