Otter Symbolism ~&~ Meaning
Mother Natures symbol of play and family

Otter Symbolism. . .  Otter is the sublimely picture perfect symbol of enjoyment.  Otter appears for you to invite you on a play date, to remember what is means to totally let go, have fun and perhaps indulge in a little romp.  Otter is coy and flirtatious as she lies on her back tempting you with her every charm to come for a swim and explore new adventures along the river. 

Otter Symbolism and Spirit Animal Traits

Because of the Otters affinity for play and relaxation, along with the spirit of adventure, Otter is the perfect spirit animal to take on vacation, particularly if your vacation destination is near the water ~ an ocean, a lake or a river.

Otters energies are strongest in the spring, summer and fall when she spends so much time in the water.  This is also where she finds her meals, as she loves to dine on fish.

The Spirit of the Otter. . .

The river where the Otter plays is winding and mysterious, it is a medium of fluid intuition.  Otter dances and swirls and twirls to the movements of the symphony playing in the water.  The river is filled with feminine qualities, that of flow and gentle pools of stillness, where time stands still.  As you enter the water, and surrender to it's cool caresses, you effortlessly float on the crystal clear waters that wash all things clean.  Otter reaches for your hand and hand in hand you drift into a timeless space of freedom.

With Otter at your side you are set free, free to let down your guard.  Naturally your inner child who adores play is awakened and in this moment you feel your true self once again coming to life.

This is the magic of the Otter, she awakens the part of you that wants to come out and play, she reminds you that nature is filled with magic and there is so much magic to explore and experience... just waiting for you.

Otter seems to have a magic elixir that you cannot resist, her spirit is simply irresistible, and being in her presence you want to share in the magic that she unveils.

Otter does not try, she just is.  This is part of her allure and her feminine charms, along with her spontaneity.  Moving so gracefully in the water she captures and embodies the Feminine Goddess energy which is the spiritual meaning and essence of the Otter.

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Otter Symbolism and Spirit Animal Powers

Nurturing, Family Time, Motherhood

Play, Water, Spontaneity

Feminine Goddess Energy, Creative & Curious

otter symbol and spirit animal

Otter is very social...

Otter is Mother Natures symbol of play, enjoyment and relaxation

  Otter Symbolism and Motherhood

The Otter is a supreme symbol of motherhood, she adores her young and showers them with her nurturing love.  When the babies arrive, she boots out dad until the young are big enough to venture outside of the den, and it's only then that dad is invited back into the den. 

If Otter is your power animal you are drawn to the healing powers of the water, you may need to frequently visit natural springs, hot springs and places known for the healing qualities within the water.

You will also be the one who initiates play, and can find a way to be playful in all that you do, even at the workplace.  You are devoted to the family and have great affection for those you love. Otter is the perfect totem animal for a new mother, and excellent totems for families to stay together and play together.

And the question begs...  Do Otters mate for life?

Otter also knows the importance of taking care of self, naturally finding ways to enjoy yourself as it heals and renews your spirit and soul.

If Otter symbolism appears for you, it might be bringing the message to go on a family vacation and enjoy spending time together frolicking in the waters of pure enjoyment.  What is Otter spirit speaking to you? 

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