Repeating Numbers Quiz

Messages from the Universe

Spirit softly whispers Splendor:
have you taken a pause today, a moment to glance upon the beauty that surrounds you, the fluttering leaf on the tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky?  Within this moment magic is happening all around you, just pause and observe  
  ♥  Presley Love  ♥ 

Repeating Numbers Quiz

So, which repeating numbers do you keep seeing?  

In a Universe of Symbolism Repeating Numbers can have significant meaning for you helping you find your true north and helping you discover important lessons on your life path.  

Just like animal totems or spirit animals, repeating numbers will continue presenting themselves to you to encourage you and give you support, despite any obstacles you might be facing - it's like receiving a wink from the Universe!  How fabulous is that?!

When you begin to see new series of repeating numbers it means that Spirit is showing you something new that you should take notice of ;)

Soooo, which numbers do you keep seeing?  

111 ~~~ 11:11 ~~~ 12:12 ~~~ 222 ~~~ 333 
444 ~~~ 555 ~~~ 666 ~~~ 777 ~~~ 888
999 ~~~  1010 ~~~ 123 ~~~ 321 

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