Salmon Symbolism

Salmon symbolism . . .  The Salmon is driven by the forces of nature so beautifully, so powerfully that images of the Salmon challenging the rivers to find his way home shows he is filled with the Spirit of a warrior, ready to face any adversity to achieve the purpose he was meant to live. 

Wild at heart, a free spirit wanting to create a powerful legacy and destiny, the Salmon is found on many totem poles, and to this end Salmon teaches us about the forces of "instinct and determination".

This drive is so strong that nothing impedes his way, he will get to his destination or he will die trying.

Salmon gives life everything there is to give, no sacrifice of self is too great.

Salmon totem animal inspires us to keep moving forward despite how difficult the terrain may become.

When Salmon does finally reach his final destination he gives the ultimate sacrifice of his life, he gives what he can to make sure his legacy will carry on, and then he humbly surrenders. 

Salmon spirit reminds me of the knights entering Valhalla, where the warriors came to an eternal resting place of honor for the sacrifices they made. 

Salmon represents legacy, and the commitment necessary to insure that his/her legacy is carried on.

Salmon is proud and fierce in all he/she does.

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Salmon Spirit Animal is a beautiful symbol of being called to the great return of Spirit

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Salmon's Totem Powers:
Awareness Of Environment,
Flowing With The Universe,  Natural Order

Salmon's Medicine:
Being guided to a  return to Source

Salmon Symbolism
& The Story of You

Along with the rugged determination that Salmon so gracefully upholds, Salmon also has crazy good amazing instincts.   

Legends have been told of these instincts. 

The salmon will be born in a river and find her way to the ocean where she will grow, live and thrive and travel many journeys exploring her life path.  

Her instincts will one day lead her back to the very place where she was born, and here she will give the gift of new life and those born to her will make the same journey to the ocean and when something deeply instinctual calls they too will follow that call and return home to repeat this sacred cycle of  creating new life.

The great message from the Spirit of Salmon symbolism is to always remember from which you come. 

There is so much more to the story of you than you will ever know, for so many have came before you in your lineage, and these ancestors have much to teach.

There is a strand of wisdom as long as every mile the Salmon Spirit animal has swam that has secrets to share and tales to tell of all that has transpired about the story of life and the story of you. 

Salmon Symbolism &
Finding Your Inner Power

The totem powers of Salmon reveal to us the dance and balance of alignment and finding ones "inner power".

Salmon has a heightened sense of surroundings, and she picks out of her environment the things that are in alignment with her path to surround herself with.

These things that remind the salmon of her path are manifestations that her higher spirit are leading her to "study" and meditate on.

This is how the salmon learns to flow in harmony with the Universe.

It is through the things that are in alignment with her sense of being that the Universe teaches her, "her specific power".

When salmon follows these instructions and intuitions from the 6th sense she fulfills her duty to the natural order of the Universe.

Native American
Salmon Symbolism

The symbolism of Salmon for the Native American tribes represented a return to the source from which one comes.

In addition Salmon held the meaning of great nourishment and bounty in preparation for winter for the Native American and Eskimo peoples. 

Salmon would be among one of the last great harvests, and was a sign that snow was on it's way.

Native Americans smoked or salted the Salmon to prepare a stock for winter -- the lean months.

The Bear also has a ritual of returning to the rivers where the great Salmon are in abundance just before the frost sets in.  For Bear this is the last great feast before a winters slumber.

Salmon is is a symbol of blessings and nourishment, as well as a drive of determination that will not surrender or give up, these are both beautiful and long enduring symbols that the Salmon has come to teach. 

Salmon returns in droves to the very riverbeds in which they were born, and on their return to the river from the ocean they transform -- going from a steely silver to bright colors of red yellow and green, these color combinations convey the meaning of strong survival instincts along with being centered in core power of heart and solar plexus. 

At this time on this part of their journey,  they are each wearing their heart on full display for all to see, they know who they are and have fulfilled this life's purpose.  

At this time Salmon each makes a great migration to give new life to a new generation that will each journey long and far on the same mission;  to search for meaning and to  learn on your journey that what you have been building is the inner strength and resolve to make the great return.  

With Salmon, know that you can endure, you are stronger than you know, and that your path will lead you home. 

Salmon symbolism
gives us the guidance to endure and find our way back to the Source from which we came

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung: , Nature and National Geographic 

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