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Skunk Symbolism. . .   This little animal deserves a great deal of respect. Even though he is very independent, he has gained that independence through his tireless efforts at protecting himself and his interests. He may not be vicious, but his "repulsive" scent will ward off the most aggressive adversary. 

Skunk Meaning. . .

The meaning of the skunk is in protection, independence and self respect. It protects itself from other aggressive animals by way of its noxious spray, and it doesn't hesitate to use its defensive measures.

The scent of this spray is so "offensive" that nothing can permeate the skunks defense to try to attack it. As humble a little creature as it is, it goes about confidently, putting its assurance on its natural repellent.

Skunk symbolism means it is independent in that it can put so much confidence in its ability to protect itself, even though it doesn't rely on physical aggression.

The skunk has a great deal of respect for itself because it will not hesitate to protect itself or its young when threatened with its highly pungent smell.

Skunk Symbolism of protection, independence and self respect. . .

Skunk symbolism is based in the three aspects of its meaning:   protection, independence, and self respect. If the skunk has come to you in some way today it means that symbolically you need to implement these aspects of the skunks qualities right away.

Perhaps you have been a doormat for others inappropriate behavior? The aspects of the skunk allow you to find who you YOU are, aside from everyone else. It creates a line of distinction that no one can cross without a penalty. 

Skunk Spirit Animal. . .

The spirit of the skunk is very powerful, even though it might not seem that way. We associate power with physical strength. But to look at the nature of the skunk power, we find a different spirit that that of physically aggressive animals.

The skunks spirit is passive. It does not desire to bring harm to another, but if the tendency of the other is less than acceptable, the skunk must resort to force. Even though the spirit of the skunk is gentle, it has developed its smelly defense as a less than lethal form of protection.

So skunk symbolism is a spirit of gentle, but absolutely effective defense!

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Skunk Spirit Animal Medicine

Skunk Symbols ~ Respect, Defense, and Boundaries.

Skunk Totems ~ The Colors Black and White, and Clarity.

Skunk Magic ~ Barriers, Protection, and Self Awareness.

Skunk Spirit Animal
Skunk Totem Animal

Skunk Power Animal. . .

The skunks power is in a gentle defense that is full of confidence and assertiveness. If the skunk is speaking to you, it is saying to take control, but in a calm, and confident way. It is saying to be assertive about your own power, and your ability to "project" your protective nature, like the skunk projects its defensive scent.

Skunk Totem Animal. . .

Among the Native American tribes the skunk is a powerful medicine, in that it is a humble creature, yet confident ( not cocky ) about its power to protect. As a totem, you have to look at its humility among the other animals of the forest. The skunk goes about its own life, not bothering others.

But when offended it has the humble power to offend the senses to such a degree, as if to say, "you are crossing my boundaries, back off"! It does not resort to using its scent to provoke, but only to protect, in the most passive way possible, giving it a totem nature of gentleness as well as humility.

Skunk Medicine. . .

Skunk symbolism is predominantly the power to see everything in black and white, with perfect clarity. In the ability to do so, it defends those boundaries humbly, yet confidently. The establishment of personal boundaries among Native American tribes was necessary, as each member of the tribe was depended upon to carry out their specific tasks to support the tribe, yet still maintain individuality.   Totems on wiki

The skunk is a creature of humble power, not to be offended, or one will be put to shame in a uniquely unpleasant way.

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