Snow Leopard Symbolism
Supreme Master of Intuition

Snow Leopard Symbolism. . .   

"Snow Leopard appears on your path to teach the art and mastery of the cosmic gift of intuition.  Your journey begins high up in the Himalayan Mountains, the Snow Leopard leads you to a rocky outcropping to view endless possibilities and dreams streaming by, one of which you will choose".

Tap into the eternal and expanding gifts of Intuition
with Snow Leopard Animal as your guide and teacher

 Snow Leopard 
Spirit Animal  
~&~ Totem Powers

 Invisibility, Intuition

Solitary, Silence & Secrets
Allure, Sexual Power & Prowess
Mountains, Cold, White, Tail, Paws

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Snow Leopard Spirit Animal with Meaning

Snow Leopard can see and sense what others cannot. . . 
these are the powers of extraordinary extra sensory perception

A beautiful video about the Snow Leopard Totem animal ~ enjoy!

Snow Leopard Meaning  & Sacred Silence

Silence is a power most do not fully comprehend, but completely silent and unseen, on it's big soft paws the Snow Leopard is a master of moving unnoticed and stalking prey.   It cloaks itself in invisibility.   The mountain pulsates with the energy that Snow Leopard spirit animal perceives through it's paws, and transmits through it's tail.  

Snow Leopard Spirit Animal 
&  Sacred Gifts of Intuition

Born with extraordinary intuition, Snow Leopard never compromises that path that intuition is unveiling before him.  

In whatever way it happens, an encounter with the spirit animal Snow Leopard does not happen by chance, it is always "on purpose".    There is a meaningful purpose and powerful lessons from such an elusive and secretive animal when it makes itself known to you.

Snow Leopard teaches the fundamental importance of intuition.  This is a life long skill that you will take with you on all of your journeys, as you use it you will come to understand it more and more. 

Intuition is elusive and unseen, just as the Snow Leopard, yet it holds the hidden answers you seek on your path.  Just as Snow Leopard perceives through it's sensitive paws, you will perceive the elements around you as you learn to use this gift.

As your gift grows, you will develop trust in what your intuition reveals to you. 

The more you use it, the more responsive and quick it is.

It can lead you to what you want as well as point you away from eminent danger and mistakes.  

We all have natural intuitive abilities, but we have numbed our senses, and we have resisted the information that our intuition gives us.  We do this because of fear and because of ego.  The Snow Leopard has long surpassed these weaknesses of being.

If Snow Leopard symbolism is persistent in your midst, you are most certainly being called to trust in what you cannot see.  Imagine yourself at the highest mountain top, everything is crystal clear, here it is as if the wind is the breath of Spirit, and you can hear the words dancing on the air.   Higher perception is revealing itself to you, calling you to embark on the lesson of the language of the universe -- intuition.

It is in silence that this gift awakens, and this is why the gift is so strong in the Snow Leopard, devoted to a life of near silence he hears the most profound messages, each leading him further and further into a sacred relationship with Spirit, the Spirit of eternity. 

If you're interested in the Snow Leopard totem medicine, you'll love this video from Laura Dalligan ~ enjoy!

Spiritual Meaning
& Magic of the Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard gives you a way to begin trusting in your own intuition. . .

There are distinct differences that will show you how to know when your intuition is messaging you.  You can feel it in your body.  An idea will either bring tension or relaxed flow.

Summon a question that you have about an idea of a circumstance:   For every question you will have multiple choices of action...

When the scenario of your mind causes you tension or resistance, this is the path that is not in tune with your intuition, your intuition is trying to guide you in another direction.  This is the path if chosen that brings you up against a wall, with obstacles for which you have no way of overcoming.  Eventually you will have to start all over if you choose this path.

When the scenario of the idea brings you a feeling of ease in your heart and solar plexus, this is in accord with your intuitive flow.   This is the path of least resistance,  where you will find assistance with your ideas and projects. It is not that there will not be difficulties, there will always be challenges to make you stronger and smarter, but this is the path that will benefit you.   This is the spiritual meaning and guidance that Snow Leopard bestows upon you.

The great magic of Snow Leopard Symbolism is that far up in the mountains of the Himalayas there is a hidden oasis of peace, prosperity, & tranquility. 

This land is only for those who are in accord with the highest vibrations of being.  This land is called Shangri~La.  Snow Leopard knows the way, and can guide you to this lost and hidden paradise deep within the mountains. 

Here you will see the workings of highly enlightened beings.  You will learn many things about your personal energy and your personal magic, that can benefit all when you share what you have to teach with the world. 

Snow Leopard Symbolism ~ by Presley Love                                 
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