Spiritual Meaning of Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams. . .  Dreams can reveal the path that is meant for your highest good, the path that you need to change or avoid, and dreams can reveal a future event.  

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When are Dreams Spiritually Significant?

Sometimes dreams are your inner minds way of working through how you feel about certain issues in your life, and sometimes they are much much more, leaving you feeling as if you were there, as if you traveled through time or dimensions, as if they were more real than this reality. 

These dreams will stay with you for days or weeks, sometimes even years.  Your mind wanders in and out of the dream, trying to grasp at it, trying to recall it fully almost trying to get back into it so that you can understand it and process it.

You can know that dreams are spiritually significant when they seem to be showing you a new direction, or to let go of a path or relationship that is no longer serving you, Spirit is urging you to explore and expand into something else.

Maybe you've been feeling a need for change, and yet you've been resisting it.

Spirit will show itself in your dreams, sometimes in uncomfortable ways.

Do you have a dream where you are feeling forced into something you do not want to participate in?  This is a big signal from the spiritual realm that others are trying to force you into doing something for their desires, not considering what is best for you.   Sometimes you will have reoccurring dreams of the same scenario.   You will need to make a decision as to what is actually in your heart and make that decision in your heart, and move to making those transitions and moves in your life.  Sometimes it will take some time to fully make the transition, such as finding a more suitable job or mate, but Spirit will know when you've made that decision in your own heart and will then begin showing you dreams that can help you, and guide you to the fulfillment of your choice.

Let anxiety go after you've made the decision, and know that you are moving in the direction of your choice, understanding that everyday you get one day closer to it's manifestation.

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Spiritual Meaning of Dreams ~&~ Precognitive Dreams

Sometimes you can have precognitive dreams, dreams that show you something before it happens.  You experience everything and awake with the unshakeable feeling that this was real.

For me the time frame for precognitive dreams is about 3 weeks, meaning that I have a dream and wake up feeling -- actually it is more of a knowing, and the knowing fills my entire being.   I receive images of just how something is going to play out, and in just about 3 weeks time it indeed unfolds just as in my dream.  For me these precognitive dreams are related to my most personal life, for others they dream of world events.

In order to know if a dream is precognitive, you need to take account of every aspect of how it makes you feel when you have a dream that seems like it could possibly be a precognitive dream.  Or, if you had a dream that turned out to be precognitive, go back to how it felt when you awoke from that dream, how it make your body feel, what were the thoughts connected to the dream? 

How to precognitive dreams work?

A precognitive dream could be your intuition seeing into the future, helping to prepare you or warn you.

A precognitive dream could also be your spirit guides talking to you in a way that you will be open to hearing.  Maybe the only way for Spirit to get your attention is through a powerful dream that you just cannot deny, because it impacts you so very strongly.

Precognitive dreams are always.... let me repeat that always meant to help you.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams and Intuition

How does a dream make you feel?  This is an intuitive measurement of the spiritual meaning of dreams. 

If a dream shows you a scene or a path that makes you happy and excited, this is a dream to encourage you to take a step in that direction... this path is meant to unfold your growth and the expression of your higher potential.

If a dream shows you something that makes you feel tight and agitated, this dream is meant to show you to avoid a decision or circumstance at all costs, it will be of detriment to the life you were meant to live.

Have you had major decisions on your mind?  Your dreams of spiritual significance, those that will show you which choices will be best for you will show up in ways that will make you think and consider which choices will benefit you and which choices will be of detriment to you.

Every choice we make leads us down a new road, your spiritual dreams are reminding you of this power, in the end this is ultimately your greatest power... the power of choice.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams ~&~ 
How to Use Your Dreams for Making the Best Decisions for You


Sometimes the dreams will seem unrelated to what you are going through, but if you look closely you'll understand that the dreams are symbolic in nature, with different characters and very frequently animals. 

So you have to look at your circumstances and the dreams themselves, how do the dreams relate to your life circumstances ~ change the characters and the backdrop and what is the message related to your circumstance?

Let's say in your dream, a bear is chasing you... you are probably being urged to make a change, a very big change.  Now with a real encounter with a bear you must back out slowly to avoid being chased by the bear, and when possible remove yourself completely from the vicinity of the bear.  This would mean if you are in a bad job or a bad relationship, make the choice in your mind to back away slowly without causing the scenario to get too big to handle, and as soon as you can remove yourself completely, and do not go back to that spot in the forest where the bear is, - meaning do not return to this relationship or job. 

Get a journal and write your situation and how your dreams may be relating to your situation in symbolic ways.  In this way you can see how over and over the spiritual meaning of dreams and their nature are being revealed to you. 

I hope you've enjoyed spiritual meaning of dreams, I truly enjoyed writing it ~ Presley

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