Starfish Symbolism ~&~
Starfish Spirit Animal
Mastering the Art of Flow

Starfish Symbolism with the Starfish Story. 

The Spirit Animal Meaning of Starfish: It's shape, the Star has been significant for thousands of years as it represents sacred movement and flow.

Slowly meandering in the tide pools and at the oceans edge, Starfish is instantly a beautiful reminder of the diversity of life here on Earth and far into the cosmos. 

It's shape, the Star with it's tentacles reaching and stretching to experience all that life has to teach and offer.  

The shape of the star symbolizes the 5 elements; earth, air, fire, water and spirit. 

The symbolism of the star has been significant for thousands of years as it represents the movement and flow and exchange of energies that is always happening throughout the Universe.

Starfish Meaning, Totem Powers ~&~ Medicine

 Emotional, Sensitive, Empathic, Movement

Truth,   Indigo Child,   Diversity

Cosmic Knowledge, Constellations, Stars

Starfish meaning

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Starfish spirit animal opens it's wings,
reaching to feel all that it can. 
When you are at the waters edge of the magnificent seas and oceans something mystical happens as you gaze into the rolling tides... 
something within you happens and you hear the truth

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Starfish Symbolism ~ Indigo Children and Shamans

The Starfish tentacles act as receivers and transmitters of mystical information. 

 His very shape speaks of the mystery and mystical nature of the stars in the sky.

As we watch him make his way across the sand, we can't help but wonder what his life is like, immediately we are opened to the nature of an empath.

Starfish spirit animal is a true empath. 

As the Starfish moves ever so slowly about, it's sensitive tentacles feel everything, empathically registering the nature of all that it crosses and encounters. 

Starfish has a hunger for knowledge found experientially. 

Starfish has the totem powers of a shaman, combining all information from the earth and the stars to feel his way to the truth. 

And as it happens all empaths and shamans alike are in search of the same thing, the truth... the higher truth of universal law.

When Starfish Symbolism ~&~ 
Starfish Power Animal Appears for You

If Starfish has appeared for you, it is calling to you about your own intuitive and empathic perceptions.

You are an indigo child, empath or shaman or perhaps a powerful combination of all. 

Others may not understand you at all, yet they seek you out for guidance which they can find in no other way. 

Your words on these matters, they have found to be true in the past, so they seek you out to find answers in the nature of their lives. 

As an indigo, you are naturally super sensitive, more sensitive than others, sensitive to environments, people, circumstances and it is up to you to be aware of your sensitivities and honor them. 

You must take care of yourself first so that your cup runneth over. 

Others can easily deplete you, needily draining you, not taking into consideration your sensitivity. 

You must begin to move away from these situations as soon as you sense it, to guard your precious energy. 

No one else will do this for you, and no one else except for another indigo will understand your sensitivities.

You may need to cut off toxic relationships or friendships that are draining you, it is important for your own health and healing. 

Starfish meaning speaks very strongly about the need to take care of yourself, and make the move into the higher vibration healing aspect of nurturing yourself, and pampering yourself. 

Follow Starfish spirit animal to tap into the divine energies of self love, honor and inner guidance.

The Starfish symbolizes the power to just move to a hidden corner in the pool if he needs or desires to, this is a powerful lesson that the Starfish has come to share with you. 

If you have been feeling depleted, you now know why, you recognize the wisdom of the starfish symbolism and why it has come to you.

If you are drawn to the Starfish you are a water baby, you adore the ocean, you feel the "pulse" of the ocean and it's empathic wisdom. 

Spend as much time as possible at the beach with your feet in the sand and water. 

You have a longing and a spiritual need for higher truth, and guidance from the stars and cosmos, Starfish has come to guide you.

A wonderful story about the Starfish

An old man walks along a beach and sees a young boy throwing something into the water. As he approaches, he sees hundreds of starfish lining the beach, washed in from the tide. The young boy is rushing around, throwing the starfish back into the water one by one. The old man asks why he bothers, it’s pointless. There are too many starfish to help them all. As he flings a starfish deep into the water, the young boy replies, “It mattered to that one.”  Loren Eisley

Starfish Symbolism ~ by Yours Truly, Presley Love

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