Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning 
Essence of the Sun Dancer

Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning

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  • Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning
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"As I tap into the his/her spirit energy  I am first reminded that the Mountain Lion goes by other names... the Cougar and the Puma.  

I then begin to sense so many energies undulating and overlapping one another, like the dance of the sun.... giving Mountain Lion the symbolic energy of the Sun-Dancer".   

Mountain Lion Spirit, Totem & Power Animal Meaning and Symbolism - the Mountain Lion symbolizes boundaries, intuition and solitude...

Spiritual Mountain Lion Meaning;  the Eloquent & Solitary Hunter 

Gazing upon this magnificent cat I see a beautiful display and amazing balance of male/female energy, it's enticing and alluring, and you have a knowing that he/she can sense your energies.  

The Mountain Lion is a totem of an eloquent and sublime solitary hunter.

He loves to sit atop a rocky outcrop overlooking his terrain, surveying all that is his domain, as the guardian of his land, Mountain Lion spirit animal is very territorial and will run off any other Mountain Lion that steps foot on his land.

This can symbolize being the guardian of what is precious to you ~ to protect your precious resources, and boundaries.

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Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning
Symbolism  & Spirit Medicine...

brings the spirit animal gifts of :  
Guardian, Bravery, Personal Power 

brings the totem animal energies of :
Intention, Boundaries , Freedom 

brings the spiritual meaning & magic of :
Charisma, Many Lives, Sixth Sensory 

mountain lion spirit animal

What to do if you encounter a Mountain Lion in the Wild!

mountain lion with cub
mountain lion on a limb

Does the Mountain Lion purr?  

Yes, it does!!! The Mountain Lion is the largest cat that purrs.

Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning ~ as Spirit Animal

Mountain Lion spends most of his life alone, when he is young he spends all his time hunting and learning with his brothers and sisters until it is time to take the journey of self.  

A female Mountain Lion spends her time raising her young, she is a loving and patient teacher.  

Like any Goddess, when the time comes to mate, it is the female cougar who is the aggressor and decides whom will be her mate.   

She knows what she likes in a mate and accepts nothing less, she likes superiority and strength.  

A woman can take a great lesson from the Cougar ~ she can watch a man and assess his true intentions by his actions, which is his true strength and superiority of character ~ words are vaporous, it is only the actions that can be trusted.

Mountain Lion medicine and totem energies teach us about having the patience to develop our personal power and vision.

Mountain Lion is a Natural Born Leader

The Mountain Lion totem animal is a natural born leader, with an intense sense of presence and charisma... roaming far and wide he needs a great deal of territory, and his boundaries are very clear ~ no Mountain Lion is to enter the domain of another, each must find his own space, and the journey may be very long getting there.  

To this end Mountain Lion power animal  guides and teaches us that we must find our own way, to be true to our own heart... our own journey of discovery, our own "space" of identity despite the difficulty along the way, or the time one must spend alone developing inner power and strength to embrace this path ... this rites of passage to true freedom, this is strong totem medicine.

To look into the eyes of a Mountain Lion you can sense the many lifetimes he/she has had in just one life, the conquests... the defeats ... the courage to stay on course, to maintain his quest.  

The symbolic meaning of the Mountain Lion totem animal shows you that you must find the balance between freedom and maintaining boundaries.

Yet another glimpse into the essence of Mountain Lion shows us that she is a graceful symbol of self assurance, and personal freedom.

Having learned from the land she has gained great insight and bravery. 

Mountain Lion totem animal is connected to the land and the terrain, he has walked his trails many lifetimes, he is a great teacher of cycles and rebirth.

The symbolism of a Mountain Lion, Cougar or Puma cub is to imagine yourself as a cub on the path of your spiritual growth, do not rush, but have fun as you grow and learn your new skills.   Seek the counsel of the mother (which is Spirit) to help you learn just as a cub does.

Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning as your personal Totem and Spirit Guide...

If Mountain Lion is your totem, you will know it, you will feel his/her presence and his/her energy ... you will feel the need for personal journey and finding your own terrain ~ your own personal calling and quest.... 

If Mountain Lion is appearing for you now, meditate upon the meaning and symbolic impressions, take time to see what is revealed to you in quiet moments of truth... and, the spirit of Mountain Lion will bring many gifts.

Mountain Lion is the Magical Sun Dancer

Symbolic Mountain Lion Meaning ~ by Presley Love

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung: , Nature and National Geographic 

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