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Whale Symbolism...    "Whale spirit animal is renowned for it's soul songs, songs that heal and enrich the soul.  Recordings of whales have been used to help calm people and something deep in our DNA seems to remember and respond to these mystical beings of the oceans".

Whale Meaning of the Spirit Songs...

Carl Sagan taught us the true magic of the Whales, discovering that song is very important to the Whales.  Whales have an entire catalog of songs that they sing and remember.  

What is most mystifying and intriguing about the Whales songs is that the Whale sings a different song for each month of the year, somehow it knows when the new month has come and begins the new song To do this my intuition speaks that the Whale must sense the energy of the moon and the moons influences on the waters, as the moon greatly effects the tides and the flow of the oceans waters.  Whale acknowledges these changes in ritual song.

The Whale will also sing a song in one location and return in 6 months time to the same location and pick up singing the very same song.  The whole Whale pod will all sing in unison.  The soul songs of the Whale travel far and wide, many many miles as the water carries the sound for thousands of other fish and sea life creatures to hear.  

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Whale Symbolism and Spirit Animal Medicine 

Whale Totems and Symbols 

song, mysteries of the deep waters

Whale Spirit Animal Medicine 

connection to ancestors, calling forth higher purpose

Whale Shamanic Animal Magic

rituals, intuition

humpback whale symbols

Humpback Whale

In addition to the Whales beautiful song, whale has a deep connection and knowledge of the mysteries of the deep waters, where many secrets have yet to be discovered.  

This presents us with more mystical whale symbolism.  As this connection to the deep waters parallels the deep mysteries, wisdom and knowledge hidden from view or access of our conscious mind... yet it lies waiting to be discovered in our subconscious minds, where our ultimate power resides.  

blue whale meaning

Blue Whale

sperm whale meanings

Sperm Whale

Whale Spirit Animal as Ancient Ancestor

Whale is an ancient ancestor, swimming through the deep and mysterious pools of intuition. 

Whale is an empath and you can feel it as it senses you.  At this level you feel you know the Whale, and the Whale knows you.  It does not judge... it just knows.  It knows the secrets of your ancestors and it knows your special abilities and sacred gifts that you have been born to share with others.  Whale knows the purpose you have come to serve in this life, Whale comes to you urging you to be of service... to find a way to use your gifts for the greater good of the whole, for the healing of the planet. 

When you encounter Whale you become entranced by her, wanting to see her more closely, wanting to spend just a moment longer in her presence.  Memories arise from your DNA from another time and place, when we were more connected and in tune with the ocean and her beings.  Perhaps the memories are from Atlantis and our time there.   But Whale does not stay in your midst for long, just long enough to get your attention, long enough for you to wonder about the vastness of life and creation, and what other undiscovered life forms are out there in the Universe.

Whale Symbolism and it's connection to Water

The ocean is a sentient body of energy, undulating with feeling and emotion, memory and super consciousness.  Intentions and energies are captured in the molecules of water, creating patterns.  Patterns of love create beautiful crystal designs when viewed under a microscope, and conversely negative energies create chaotic patterns of no distinction.  Those who are being called by the Whale are being called to find ways to clean our waters and protect the precious lives of all who live in the oceans, streams rivers and lakes.

This ocean of emotion is the home of the Whale.  This is the realm which give the Whale the supra conscious powers it has.  We all live in this ocean of feeling but most of us are not aware of it, at least consciously.  Whale is asking for you to slip down into your soul being and feel... really feel.  Can you not feel the desire for global peace and compassion for all living beings emanating from the Whale? 

If Whale is your Totem Animal

Those with Whale as a totem have a special affinity for the waters.  You are very sensitive to energies and places, you feel everything, and you have a keen understanding of the importance of intention.  Others will want to be near you because you exude high vibration energies, they want to learn from you and you will find them emulating you, and it makes you smile knowing you are affecting a greater cause.  There is much yet to learn, connect to the spirit of the ancestors and you will be guided. 

Whale symbolism and personal Soul Songs

The spiritual meaning of the Whale is the essence of the soul song and just like the Whale, you too have a soul song, it is your energy signature that emanates from you at all times.  Your soul song travels through the ethers of the cosmos, effecting far more that we will ever realize.   Have it be your intention to sing and radiate a beautiful soul song for all to hear, one that raises the consciousness of the the whole planet and all of her precious beings.

Whale symbolism ~ by Presley Love  | totems on wiki

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