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Define Investing. . .     This is a new and exciting addition to my site, featuring the definition of investing with investment symbols, and the two most powerful symbolic icons of investing on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).  Investing is a process of allocating a specified amount of money into the speculation of growing profits within chosen industries, or within a group of mutual funds, or it can mean investing your time, resources or energy.  

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Types of Investing

Types of Investing include:

Investing Money

Investing Time

Investing Energy

Investing Resources

Investing means putting something forth now to gain something in the future, be it monetary gains, rewards or deeper levels of relationship.

Investing can be an investment of time given toward a goal or an achievement, such as investing time to earn a college degree, or like myself investing my time in building a website to create passive income and an avenue to sell my spirit animal art and other products I may create in the future to enhance my website.  With each page I build I see it grow and it returns to me the benefits in new traffic and additional income, so my time is a great investment on my own future.

An investment of energy can reflect volunteering for a worthwhile cause such as Habitat for Humanity, this type of investment can be extremely rewarding for the soul and general well being, it is truly doing something for the greater good of all.

An investment of resources can be given when one does not have the time or the energy or money to invest, but perhaps has something of value to give to a project, or a business.  As an example, perhaps you want to invest in a business but you do not have money, but you do have equipment.  You will be investing your equipment into creating a new business venture or into an existing business entity.   The value of your equipment will dictate the value of your investment.

Also, parents "invest" in their children's future with continuing education be it college, trade schools etc., helping to insure that they have the tools and skills necessary to be successful.

These are just a few examples to help define investing and what the definition of investing is comprised of.

wall street bull

 To rub the horns of the Wall Street Bull is said
to bring good $$$$ luck!  Be sure to rub his horns the next time you waltz by, or just try rubbing them here! Good Luck 

The Bull and the Bear help to Define Investing

Wall Street is the place where you'll find all of the people who thrive on a crazy paced environment where tickets fly, people are yelling "sell... sell", or "buy... buy", it is the place where fortunes can be made and lost in one move.  It's also the place where smart conservative investors can invest wisely and become mega rich ~ billionaire style aka Warren Buffet.

The two major icons of investing capital resources on Wall Street are the Bull and the Bear.

Everyone cheers the Bull ~ referred to as the Bull Market, the symbolism of the Bull Market represents favor in the market, investments are making profits as the Bull fearlessly charges ahead.

The Bear Market represents a decline in profits, the Bear symbolizes the Bear hibernating, asleep in the comfort of his den completely oblivious to what is happening in the stock market.

Investment diversification is allotting your money or resources into different pools, as not to put all of your eggs in one basket.  This is what most mutual funds do, as well as investing in solid steady growth markets rather than wild speculative markets. 

Define Investing with Investment Symbols

Every company on the NYSE is assigned a "symbol". 

If you've ever watched CNN, you've seen the "symbols" scroll across the bottom of the screen indicating the growth or loss of that stock at that moment.

To invest in the market you need the correct symbols...  and there are a lot of them. 
~ Stay tuned for investment symbols, and famous quotes about investing.

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