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Fox Tattoo Ideas. . .  

Featuring the symbolic meaning for the impeccable and ever enduring clever fox, as well as some vintage and realism tat design ideas.

Fox tattoo symbolism represents "knowing paths". The way I describe "knowing paths" is any path that you take with a deep inner knowing of where you are going. To arrive at the knowing path takes deep inner contemplation. For most people this path is arrived at through struggle and great challenges. Very few are born knowing the path that they should take in their lives. This path feels like your flowing with the universe and you are connected to everything around you. It is the path of shamans and true magic practitioners and highly spiritual people.

Fox Tattoo Ideas:  Get Foxy Already!
Inspiration from Nature ~&~ Vintage Art

fox tattoo idea: fire and ice

This gorgeous photo of the Fox is a grand display symbolically of fire and ice.   In this tat, use the misty cool colors of blue for the shadows to make this a sensational tattoo.                                                                             source: pinterest

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The dapper fox, elegantly appointed, reminds us that fine threads boost our confidence and self esteem. . . .  and when you exude confidence you radiate, you are most definitely "naturally foxy"

                                                                   vintage: public domain

This fox tat idea, gives you room to embellish your personal taste, and the message you want to convey/

                                                        image public domain

Psst. . . A bit more about Fox Symbolism 

Fox tattoo idea and the "knowing path". . . 

The "knowing path" describes many aspects of fox tattoo meaning. Take the subject of knowing itself for instance. What are the different forms of knowing? First of all, knowing, is a thing of the heart. You can "know", if a certain mate is right for you. You can know if an occupation is right for you, or even a hobby. You can "know" the voice of the Divine in your life. So there are many kinds of knowing. In most cases, coming into that knowing results in the pursuit of a life long passion, or calling. Once you "know" that calling, you have to pursue it like the fox.

The fox tattoo idea symbolizes the knowing path because the fox always knows the right path to take. It walks the woods with a deep inner sense of connection to the wild and always knows what is going on. The fox knows what to avoid and what to pay close attention to. The fox is a very curious creature, and so is attracted to anything that pricks its curiosity. It is its curiosity that is the foxes secret. Its curiosity always leads it to the improvement of its way of life, and thus to a more knowing existence.

The fox tattoo idea represents the curiosity that leads to the knowing path. When we were children, we were curious about everything. We asked all kinds of questions and if you had caring parents, they answered them. This questioning of the world led to an expansion of the mind that put us in contact with the consciousness of the Universe. It is this consciousness of the Divine that is the essence of the knowing path. The fox is always in this divine communion, and the path itself has shaped its character and personality to the point that its is empowered by it more than other creatures.

Fox tattoo symbolism is summed up by awareness learned through exploration and curiosity, adventure and the application of discoveries.  This consciousness is about coming into the all knowing power we connect to in the field of love that is the substance the Divine. Of course as humans we cannot know all of the wonders and secrets of the Divine, as He/She is infinite in knowing, but we can know our path in life and grow in that knowing. What is it about the fox that allows it to tap into that consciousness? It is its curiosity! What is it about curiosity that allows us to tap into this greater realm?  Well, curiosity is the most childlike act that we express as human beings and it is no different for the fox.

Fox tattoo is a symbol of the curiosity in all living beings, people and animals. It is this childlike curiosity that creates a fascination for life. A fascination for life  expands our field of awareness and possibility.  The fox has a fascination for everything since it has a keen curiosity, and is always learning and experiencing something new. As humans we can nurture our curiosities and help bring that fascination into our lives that brings us into knowing. The fox does this naturally because it does not assume that it knows everything that it needs to know. In fact it is a very humble creature that experiences life through an innocent heart that connects it to the field of Divine consciousness. That connection is the knowing path.            help all animals please support WWF
Fox tattoo ideas guest post/contributing writer and artist: Michael

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