Ram Animal Meaning
  Ram Symbolism
Daring moves bring Conquest

Ram Animal Meaning & Symbolism. . .   Ram Totem Animal appears in your midst holding the reins of a new cycle of personal power opening for you.     Ram is the spirit animal of conquest, preparation and new beginnings.

Messages from the Universe

Spirit softly whispers Splendor:
have you taken a pause today, a moment to glance upon the beauty that surrounds you, the fluttering leaf on the tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky?  Within this moment magic is happening all around you, just pause and observe  
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Ram Animal Meaning. . .      High upon the rocky edges and sheer cliffs of the mountains, hidden in plain view he proudly stands, alas this is the home of the Ram.  He leaps and bounds effortlessly among the treacherous terrain, going boldly where others fear to tread.  His bellowing calls proclaim his confidence, Ram makes his conquest known as he holds his head up proudly and fiercely, in victory he wears his majestic horns like a crown.  

Ram Spirit Animal Powers ~&~ Medicine

Totem Powers, Spiritual Meanings, & Symbolism of the Ram

Cycles of Power, New Beginnings
Create a new path,  Fearlessness, Conquest
Face your fears, take the leap
Warrior Spirit, Defiant, Fiery
Aries Zodiac Animal

Going beyond fear into complete faith, the Ram is sure footed and boldly leaps where others fear to tread, creating his own path, a path meant just for him.  Ram has prepared and practiced his maneuvers his whole life, and he knows well what he is capable of.  When the time is right he swiftly leaps into a new opportunity without hesitation.    photo

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Ram Animal Meaning ~ the Desire for Conquest

Looking you squarely in the eye, Ram is ready for the contest, ready to take down his opponent, he is ready for conquest.   Ram is fearless in his desire.  Ram knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it.   As if with wings he leaps up and down the steep and craggy cliffs, confident in his every move.  

The awe inspiring confidence of Ram comes from natural abilities and practice.  Ram spirit animal has appeared for you to show you that to leap into opportunity, you must be prepared, rehearsed every move, and know the fine details.  You must be the best you can be, and you must be prepared to leap when the opportunity presents itself without hesitation.  If you hesitate the opportunity can be lost in a myriad of ways.

Ram dances on the side of mountain, in full glory and in a spectacle to behold.  Ram has learned the art of dancing in a terrain where others cannot even dare try.   Knowing precisely which move to make, where and when, and it has become an art.  Others wonder how he does it, and for Ram it comes so naturally. 

Ram has come to teach that most anything can be achieved when you have prepared, practiced and rehearsed so much that it all begins to come to you naturally.  This is when the finest of opportunities present themselves, the Universe knows when you are prepared, and it greets you at the gateway of new adventures and beginnings. 

Ram shows you that once you have prepared, a new cycle of personal power opens for you.  A new confidence rises from your inner core, what you know is now a part of you, your challenges have sharpened your skills and your mind.  You now learn through a new sense of self, as if entrained to the field of your skills... you have become a natural, and it is time to take the defining leap into the power of your spirit, and it is your spirit that will carry you through the terrain not yet explored but waits for your conquest.

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