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Symbolic Meaning of Horse
Face to the Wind,  You are Wild and Free

The symbolic meaning of Horse . . .  

What does the Horse represent?

"The symbolism of Horse shows us a majestic and magical animal. 

The horse represents power!   Physical power, endurance and the horse puts her heart into everything she does, which brings profound emotional and personal power

The horse spirit animals emanates so much power that you can feel her power of intention.  

Horse is also a magnificent symbol of freedom, she was born to roam the lands and run wild and free.

Horse Symbolism & Meaning, Horse Spirit Animal Powers & Medicine, Native American & Celtic Meaning of Horse

In addition to all of her power, her intuition is astounding, and she has learned to trust it. 

She feels your energy, she senses your nature, and your intentions and you must earn her trust,  When you do she will take to far away places... lands of enchantment, wonder and awe.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Horse?

The spiritual meaning of the Horse is her power to take you on a journey to discover yourself.  

Be one with the spirit of Horse and you will learn to trust yourself,  you will learn to have confidence and a calm that will see you through any storm.

Victorious spirit is yet another attribute and symbol the Horse.

The spirit of the Horse is regal and fierce in competition, running her heart out to beat out her competitors to be the one to take first place, to have the crown of glory.  

The Horse is a totem with the heart of a legendary competitor, and forever emblazened in the halls of fame of competition is Secretariat. A great champion who ran with the favors of the Gods.

Watch any race horse and you will see the true nature of the Horse shining through to be victorious, to walk beside the Goddess Nike  ~ the Goddess of Victory with her head held high draped in roses, donning the elegant and stately prance of a celebrated champion.  

She knows when she has been victorious, and she claims her power and victory with distinguished honor.

To this day I can't watch the Kentucky Derby, the most famous of all horse races without tearing up. 

There's just something that moves me to the depths to watch these majestic animals ride as hard and fast as they possibly can, giving everything they have.

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Of the symbolic meaning of Horse, Ted Andrews says,  "No single animal has contributed more to the spread of civilization than the horse.   

Horse brings with it new journeys. It will teach you to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power".

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When Horse is Your Spirit Animal
~ the Mystical and Spiritual Symbols of the Horse ~

The symbolic meaning of Horse as a spirit animal is all about power ~ think "horse-power" ~ the Horse exemplifies being tuned for maximum power, and extraordinary endurance.

The Horse naturally conveys the message that she is strong and determined, confident and graceful, in all that she does, it is her spiritual essence, and we are drawn to her... captivated by her mystical charms. 

Horse spirit animal carries herself with a sense of knowing and deep mystery.  

Horse has the ability to take you through terrain, you could not traverse alone ~ mountain tops, valleys and across the water.

Horse spirit animal guide is of the wind ~ free in spirit.

Another Spiritual Meaning of the Horse ~  Chariot of Mystical Realms

What are more spiritual meanings of Horse?

Spiritual meanings of the Horse conveys to us that she is so very mystical as to appear and disappear in the trees, looking at you across a field you can feel she knows you and has a wisdom message for your Spirit self.

The Horse spirit and totem animal is also extremely telepathic, seeming to sense your thoughts even before you are consciously aware of them.  It is this power that gives the horse the ability to anticipate your intentions.

Horse is also extremely sensitive, and responds to very subtle gestures, movements and thoughts.

Horse magic can carry you to your destiny ~ knowing the hidden and secret passages, but this is a journey that demands trust. 

Horse totem is so magical as to become the Pegasus or the Unicorn in the twinkling of an eye.  

The symbolic meaning of Horse unfolds into new dimensions and realms, layers of mysteries yet uncharted.  It is your destiny to find what awaits for you among the hidden and secret passages. 

When Horse is Your Totem Animal

The symbolic meaning of Horse as your totem animal shines light upon the sacred bonds that are created between man/woman and horse.

Horse totem animal has been a friend and a companion to man and woman for thousands of years, without the horse fantastic explorations and epic journeys across continents simply stated ~ could not have been made.  

Horse has been a warrior mate, a journey mate and a discovery mate venturing into new lands together for millennia.  

Ultimate Freedom ~ the Symbolism of the Wild Horse 

Although he has been a companion and friend to man and woman, what Horse loves most of all is to run free and wild... untamed.

This is the true Spirit of Horse... Freedom.  Freedom is the most sacred of symbolic meanings of what it is to be the Horse. 

Freedom in every sense of the word; mind body and spirit.  

Call upon the Horse spirit animal to set your spirit free. 

The symbolic meaning of a Wild Horse

Wild Horses are called  Mustangs; they symbolize ultimate freedom, traversing the lands wild and free with the wind in their hair, completely in the moment of now, yesterday gone forever and tomorrow an eternity away.  

The Rolling Stones song "Wild Horses", is one of the most beautiful love songs ever penned, and to this day is perhaps my favorite song of all time. 

Calling upon the Horse Power Animal Guide...   

Call upon the enchantment of the Horse when you desire his/her totem powers, gifts and medicine ~  she/he will carry you through the mists of Avalon on an adventure you will never forget.  

Horse spirit animal has amazing memory, once the Horse learns something... she/he never forgets! 

Watching a program on PBS about horses I learned that 50 million years ago the Horse roamed earth and was the size of a Cocker Spaniel!  

As years went on, it was bred for size and strength, it evolved and grew to become the Horse we know and love today.  

The beautiful symbolic meanings of Horse hold many enchanted offerings...    Once again I hear Horse Spirit whispering in the winds reminding us of it's very powerful medicine ~ echoing are the words Power and Presence, Elegance and Strength ~ I am that I am..... I AM Horse.

Horse Spirit & Totem Animal With Healing & Medicine Powers | Symbolism & Meaning of Horse | Dream Symbolism of Horse

Dream Symbolism of the Horse

Horse has the spirit of freedom and of a warrior, when you dream of the Horse you may be tapping into a subconscious desire to be free of something, and you may need to fight for the freedom you want, with the spirit of a wild horse. 

Dreaming of the Horse can mean that you have an upcoming journey ~ or move.  In this way the dream of the Horse represents the nomad within. 

The symbolic meaning of Horse in dreams can also represent triumph of a goal that you have been working for ~ when a Horse is draped in roses in grand ceremony, this represents celebration and accomplishment, recognition and the goal reaching it's zenith. 

Mares, Stallions, Pony's and Foals:

The female horse is called a mare, the male horse a stallion.  A young horse is called a yearling, a young male horse is called a colt, while a young female is called a filly, and a baby horse is called a foal.  Although I happen to lovingly call any young horse a pony!

Symbolism of a White Horse
~ A white horse is symbolic of being a hero, as pure as the driven snow, and also being vulnerable.  A valiant knight always rides the white horse.  The unicorn is always depicted as being white as well.

Symbolism of a Black Horse ~ A black horse is a symbol of mystery and intrigue.  A black horse symbolizes power, independence, sexual allure and a strong sense of self.

Symbolism of a Chestnut  Horse
A  red or chestnut colored horse symbolizes friendship, loyalty and devotion

Golden Horse Symbolism
A tawny golden horse represents a happy nature, affectionate and warm

Gray Horse Symbolism
  A grey horse is a symbol of a calm serene spirit, knowing and wise

Symbolism of a Painted Pony
~ A painted pony has beautiful markings which look almost painted, typically white and brown or gray.  Symbolic of a free spirit, imagination,running wild and being carefree.

Symbolism of a Race Horse
A race horse is symbolic of being the best of the best, bred to be a thoroughbred, bred from previous champions, a race horse has the lust and passion to be the best, to be the fastest, to be the champion.  A race horse is refined in every way, possessing elegance, poise and presence and strength.

Symbolism of a Stallion
~ The Stallion exudes dynamic energy and confidence, alpha male and proud of it, the Stallion has a commanding presence to all that encounters it.

A Horse Shoe Meaning
is an enduring symbol of good luck.

A mythical Horse with wings is a Pegasus ... 

A mythical Horse with a single spiraled horn is a Unicorn

The 9 Spiritual Powers of the Horse

Horse Symbolism & Spirit Medicine

Symbolic meaning of Horse totem:  
Presence, Elegance, Journey, Victory

Horse spirit animal energies: 
Freedom, Nomadic Spirit, Endurance

Horse animal magic:
Telepathy, Spirit Messenger

symbolic meaning of Horse by Presley Love

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