Elephant Tattoo Ideas ~with~ Symbolism & Designs

Elephant Tattoo Ideas, featuring powerful symbolism and ink art designs.

Elephant tattoo symbolism is represented by "power". Power comes in many forms and the elephant encompasses all of them. There is the power of the mind, the heart, the soul, the body and the spirit. The elephant keeps all of these areas of its life in the perfect balance of power. It can feel where one area is lacking and it bolsters that area. 

The power of the mind is one area of elephant tattoo meaning. The power of the mind can be explained in the form of visions, dreams, or even visualizations. Visions can come at any time and any form and the elephant knows how to interpret these visions to empower itself. Even dreams are of the power of the mind. We see dreams in the mind when we sleep, and the elephant always believes that its dreams are messages from the spirit world.

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Meaningful Symbolism of  Elephant Tattoo Ideas

Elephant tattoo symbolism clearly conveys the meaning of inner strength and connection to ancestor wisdom and powers.  You can show any of these tattoo ideas to a good tattoo artist and she/he can render a design to match your vision of the perfect elephant tat for you.

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Elephant Tattoo Meanings ~ Being Centered in the Heart . . .

The elephant tattoo idea symbolizes the heart as well. It is in the heart that the elephant ponders what it wants the most. Many times there are several desires in the heart of the elephant and he/she needs to organize its feelings in order to decide which of these things to do first. 

Elephant symbolism represents the power of the soul. It is in the soul that the elephant searches out its own true intention. The elephant is passionate about the integrity of its intention and will search its soul constantly to see that it is on the right path. 

Elephant tattoo ideas symbolize the power of the body. The elephants body is stronger than any other land animal and the elephant is thankful to the Creator for that power. It is in thanks to the Divine Spirit that the elephant receives more strength to be the strongest creature on Earth. It uses that strength in the full acknowledgement that it comes from above.

Elephant Tattoo Designs ~ Symbolizes the Spirit. . .

The spirit is also an area of elephant tattoo meaning. It is with its spirit that the elephant communes with the Divine Creator. This is the secret power of the elephant upon which all its other forms of power depend. The elephant acknowledges the power of the universe and in turn, he/she is given power to his/her spirit. It is its spirit that is the secret of the elephant. He/she always leads the rest of the herd with its spirit, and so, is the spiritual leader of the jungle.

The Power to Realize Your Dreams. . .

The elephant tattoo means the power to realize your dreams. Many times we seek out our dreams but don't feel we have the power to fulfill them. The elephant has an amazing dream life during sleep and in waking. It combines its sleeping dreams with its waking dreams. The elephant finds the inspiration for its waking dreams from its sleep time. During sleep the elephants imagination runs wild, and it is at that time that it find the answers it seeks to have the dreams it needs for its waking moments. It nighttime dreams are the inspiration for dreams of great things to come.

Tattoo Art & Inspiration from the Elephant. . .

The elephant tattoo idea inspires us to emulate the elephant in the way it receives inspiration. Have you ever had a dream at night that inspired you to do something incredible? Have you ever been inspired by something in your life that caused you to act in a way that you had a dream or goal? Most of us have. That is the power of the elephant. The inspiration we feel to have a dream or vision in life comes from elephant power. The "power" to see that dream through to reality is also elephant power. If you lack in power to realize your dream, call upon the elephant to help you see it become a reality. He will inspire you with creative ways to get to your goal!

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