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Elephant Symbolism

The elephant is a symbol of unmatched strength, and with grace she carries the spirit animal energies of patience, wisdom and the jewels of contemplative meditation .

Like a queen she exudes an air of authority as she walks the plains of Africa, or Asia.

Herds of Elephants are always led by the females, (known as Matriarchal societies).  

She is a leader among all animals of the jungle and deserts.   Others watch her movements and follow the herd, because they know she knows the ways to precious reserves of water and food when resources are scarce.

She is wise, and seemingly remembers everything, having vast stores of wisdom passed down from her elders. She ponders all things and meditates, letting Spirit and ancestor memory guide her.

Deep thought is the specialty of the elephant, and the mind is her specialty.

Elephant Meaning & the strength of wisdom
. . .

The physical strength and endurance of the elephant is tremendous.

No other animal on land can match the strength of the elephant.  She knows her own strength, and confidently strides across the plains aware of her power.

Elephant also uses wisdom, as she very intelligent, and thinks things through to all possible conclusions.

She remembers all of the grazing lands and water holes from which to feed.

She can also remember a threat specifically, like a specific lion or poacher.

Her memory is one of her special gifts, as she can remember the imagery of places, events, and other creatures, and know whether someone or something is friend or foe.

Elephant Spirit Animal and the power of remembering. . .

The elephant spirit animal will give you the power of recall.

He brings strength to you when you are feeling weak, and goes out into the plains to bring you to water and food to sustain you.

He will help you to remember the beautiful memories that you have long forgotten, and the reasons you have for living, that bring happiness, joy and sustenance to mind, body, spirit & soul.

Elephant symbolism and energies will remind you of what your driving force in life is all about, and give you the desire and ongoing strength to pursue it.

The elephant has big dreams, and will share his dreams with you and expand your mind to explore new avenues that you have not considered yet.

Elephant Symbolism and the virtue of patience. . .

As a symbol of strength, the elephant inspires us to be strong and patient at the same time.

Patience is one of the elephants main attributes.

Even though he is so very large, his size is not equal to his speed, because he does not require speed. He relies on conscious thought and patience to meet all his needs.

The patience of the elephant makes up for the lack of speed. Patience is a powerful gift when it is understood. Patience seems to slow time itself making it easier to react to all situations in a calm and confident manner.

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The Attributes of The Elephant

The Symbols of The Elephant ~ Memory, Ancestors

Totems of The Elephant ~ Patience, Strength, and Wisdom

The Magic of The Elephant ~ Dreams, Manifestation, and Astral Projection

I think you'll love this video all about the Elephant from Laura ~ enjoy!

Elephant Power Animal and the Shaman within. . .

If the elephant is your power animal you are likely to have qualities of a shaman, you may be inexplicably drawn to shamanism.   The magic of the elephant are shamanistic qualities that you share with this amazing creature.

With the help of Elephant you have the power to tap into the dreamworld in a way that no one else can! You travel the realm of dreams, like you were in another world, a world equally as real as the material world.

In that alternate world, you can understand your surroundings and interpret the meaning of symbols to bring back into the conscious waking world to teach others. You get your power from the dream time, which is the domain of the elephant, this totem power is closely linked to the Bear.

Elephant Symbolism ~ & the Totem Animal Powers of Intention 

Manifestation through intention is yet another gift of the elephant.

Because she is so patient with thought, and considers all that she experiences, whether in dreams or awake, she has the power to create reality from that knowledge.

She picks thoughts like fruit from a tree that nourishes her reality.  She makes no distinction between thought and the physical world, that is the secret to its manifesting power.

The elephant totem animal realizes that all things come from an original thought that inspired the creation of something new, or anything at all, and this is central power of intention. 

She carefully tends to and cherishes her own thoughts, and the thoughts of the whole herd that they all share telepathically.

Together they form a group mind, or collective consciousness and are the keepers and guardians of the land in which they dwell.

They protect the land, and their herds with the "intention" of their thoughts.

Elephant Medicine and astral projection. . .

Astral projection is also one of the gifts of elephant symbolism and her totem medicine.  

As an individual, or as a whole herd, Elephants go into deep meditation, and are capable of projecting themselves outside of their bodies to seek out new grazing grounds, water holes, or to survey for threats.

It is by this incredible gift that they supply for themselves.

The Elephant spends a great deal of time astral projecting, and in so doing they save themselves time in acquiring what they need, or avoiding dangerous places.

Crystals to tap into the totem energies of the Elephant: 
Hematite can bring the energies of Protection, Strength & Grounding
Moonstone is the go to crystal for intuition ~~> see more about crystals 

Spiritual Meaning of Elephant:
The elephant is mindful of all things  ~ 
And from its thoughts it brings forth Jewels of contemplation   

~~>  Elephant Tattoos

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