Elk Symbolism
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Majestic Nobleman of the Forest

Elk Symbolism. . . by Presley Love 

Elk stands tall, head held high he knows he is the king of the forest lands.  With the antlers of the elk spanning 6 feet or more, he is breathtaking in his majesty.  You see in his eyes the wisdom passed down from his eldest ancestors.  He travels far and deep into the vast uncharted territories of the old forests.  This elusive terrain creates natural boundaries that few men dare to go.  The danger of the wild thrives here, and this is where Elk totem animal is most at home, alas he is the majestic nobleman of the forest.

Elk Symbols and Totem Medicine

  Stamina, Dignity, Integrity

Nobility, Regal

Vision of Fulfillment, Sooth Sayer

bull elk

Elk spirit animal appears in your life to take you on a sacred journey ~ a trek to embark upon a deeper sense of self ~ a spiritual journey in which you leave old ideas that no longer serve the greater purpose in your life ~

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 Mystical and Spiritual Symbols
of the Elk Spirit Animal

The Elk stands strong and proud.  The energy of Elk symbolism radiates pride in self.  Pride and dignity in the idea of the pursuit and ultimate fulfillment of being the highest and best self possible.  The quest of the Elk is to be the greatest version of self, to be the embodiment of the higher self.   The aura of the Elk displays this so eloquently. 

Tidbits about Elk Symbolism

The make Elk is called a bull, the female is called a cow.

The Bull Elk being the king of the forest, the female counterpart is the muse, bringing inspiration, intuition and the needed magic from which the male draws upon as a source of strength and faith to fulfill the vision of the the herd.

Like the Otter and the Bear, Elk are fiercely protective of their young.

Antlers and teeth of the Elk have been collected by Native Americans, as tokens and amulets for the protection and blessings they hold.  The tooth of the Elk has energies of wisdom and carries the symbolic powers of a sooth-sayer, to see and hear into the vision of the future.

Visionary aspects of Elk Symbolism

A vibrant power of the Elk is the gift of being a visionary.  Elk has learned how to apply all lessons from ancestors and the current life to step into it's greatest power.  Elk spirit animal has remarkable powers of inner vision, and the desire to bring the vision to fulfillment, showing us the true power of manifestation; bringing an idea through all of the trials and tribulations into the culmination of existence.  To be a visionary one must have a spiritual understanding of the nature of manifestation, the steps taken in complete and total faith despite the lack of proof. 

Lessons of Manifestation, the Spiritual Medicine of the Elk

When you are ready, Elk will appear in your life to teach the power animal medicine of manifestation...  manifestation of something begins with a vision and a feeling, it fills your spirit and your being, you become filled with it's essence, you feel it's nature, you know it is taking seed, and your feelings and thoughts ate the nutrients in which it grows. Elk teaches that if the desire is in the heart and it feels like the next step on your soul filled journey, then the time has come to learn the lesson of how to transform a dream into physical reality.  To receive this gift from the Elk spirit you must be ready to give up your old ideas, and embrace a new way of perceiving and surrendering.  Elk animal speaks that waiting for your desire to manifest builds character, which can be built in no other way, be patient with the ways of Great Spirit and how it's blessings are bestowed upon you.  Be in awe and wonder of the process and let the feeling of eternity grow in your entire being. 

When Elk symbolism makes itself known to you,  a new time is dawning, one that will bring transformative breakthroughs.  This initiation will require fortitude, and stamina to the distance.  Like the Elk, you will have to learn to outrun the predators of doubt and disbelief.  With each step you will grow stronger, and you will begin to access wisdom of the ancestors, powers within you will awaken that you once believed were merely myth, this is the gift of the Elk. 

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