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Native American Animal Symbols ...  As we continue to explore the powers and medicines of the Native American animal meanings we find that the totem energies of the animals have much to share with us.   Animals will enter our lives when they have something to teach us, or help us with challenging and difficult changes in our lives. This list features the Native American animal medicines from the letters P ~ Z. 

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What Animal Symbols can teach us

Animals can teach us so very much about ourselves when we pay close attention to the spirit animal energies, and symbolic meaning of the animals.  Many times the symbolic meaning and messages of the animals will be very personal to you, something you will not find in a book, but reading about them will prompt your inner voices of intuition to let you know what it means for you.  This is when you find unmistakeable wisdom from the meanings of the animals, and frequent confirmations from the animals will appear for you in the most unlikely of places.  Ahhh, that is when you begin to feel the connection to the magic of the animals and the universe at large. 

When do Animal Symbols appear for you?

When an animal appears for you it is calling to you to reconnect to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of primal energies and forces of nature, something that is latent within everyone but may need reawakening.   Native American animal symbols are thousands of years old and carry deep and rich vibrations that you can feel when you meditate upon them. 

Animal symbols will also appear to you in your dreams, and when this happens it is a strong message, one that you will want to explore the meaning of in detail.  You might find answers of why particular Native American animals symbols are presenting themselves to you by journaling.  Drumming, flutes and other Native American music are great tools of tapping into this mysterious realm.

What happens when Animal Symbols appear?

Once you make connection to a Spirit Animal, you will find yourself wanting to know more and more, it is an adventure into another level of existence.  Don't be surprised that more and more animals synchronistically show up around you, different Native American animal symbols will appear in your world as you need them.  Always welcome them with gratitude and appreciation for coming to you, and watch, observe and listen and you will understand how they can help guide you and help you tap into your latent powers, intuition and wisdom.

Native American Animal Meanings
Native American Symbols

Native American Animal Symbols List  P thru Z

Panther .....  Patience, Victory

Pig .....  Prosperity, Abundance

Porcupine .....  Protect, Defend

Porpoise/ Dolphin .....  Teacher

Possum .....  Shy, Quiet

Prairie Dog .....  Watcher, Guard

Puma .....  Self Empowerment

Rabbit .....  Gentle Nature

Raccoon .....   Enterprising, Overcoming Obstacles

Ram .....  Courage, Destiny,  Warrior

Rat .....  Survivalist

Reindeer .....  Nomad

Roadrunner .....  Traveler, Speed

Sasquatch .....  Shape Shift,  Legend

Seal .....  Caution, Discernment

Sea Lion .....  Protection, Powerful 

Sheep .....  Follower, Trust

Skunk .....  Defended, Boundaries, Reflexes

Squirrel .....  Accomplishments, Saving, Preparation

Stag ....  Gallant,  Knowledge

Stallion .....  Sexual Energy,  Self Aware

Wolf ..... Teacher,  Organizer,  Hunter

Wolverine .....  Fearlessness,  Ferocious

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