Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning | 9 Spiritual Meanings of the Dragonfly

Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning
Your Magic is found within. . .

Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning...     


Looking into Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning we discover that:  "Just a few of the mystical symbols of the gorgeous Dragonfly totem animal are the gifts of pure potential, the magic of illusion and the energies of expression of spirit and soul.  Dragonfly power animal appears and disappears in an instant, shifting color and flitting through portals to other worlds". . .

Exploring the Symbols & Powers of Dragonfly:

Powers of the Dragonfly

  • Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning conveys deep soul expression, and opens the portal for transformation and change. 
  • The Dragonfly is the spirit animal of pure potential & breaking free of old paradigms, bringing new self awareness and perspectives. 
  • The Spiritual Meaning of the Dragonfly reveals a path to freedom, to new worlds and new ways of being.
  • Dragonfly holds the totem powers and secrets of bringing telepathic messages carried on the wind.

Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning | Spirit, Power & Totem Animal Healing Powers & Attributes ~ Dragonfly signifies telepathy, change, sacred messages...

When Dragonfly is your Spirit Animal 

Dragonfly reveals the necessity of getting beyond self created illusions. 

Dragonfly totem animal teaches the magic of shifting vibrations with the use of color, as she so elegantly flits about she shows us the path to new worlds as she dances in and out of mystical portals.  

Dragonfly totem leads you through the mists of change to the land of magic where you find your true power and your hear the wisdom of your soul. 

Dragonfly spirit animal is a very powerful messenger of the delights of Magic! 

Dragonflies are full of mysticism, and powers of illusion ...

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9 Symbolic Powers of the Dragonfly
~&~ Dragonfly Spirit Animal Energies. . . 

Dragonfly Symbolic Meaning & totem gifts ;
Change, Wisdom & breaking Illusions

Dragonflies bring the spirit animal energies of;
  Water & Wind, Pure Potential

Dragonflies teach the animal magic of; 
   Shifting Color, Energy & Vibration

Dragonfly Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

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Dragonfly represents: 
getting beyond self created illusions

I love this passage about the spiritual essence of Dragonfly meaning:

" The dragonfly spiritually embodies the stripping away of negativity that holds us back, helping us to achieve our dreams and goals. Dragonflies are the keepers of dreams, the energy within that sees all of our true potential and ability. Dragonflies inspire spirituality and creativity, they help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment. They remind us that anything is possible. "  Unknown 

In embracing this ideal, we are able to identify our self created illusions ~ those things that keep us feeling "stuck", those ideas that prevent us from spreading our wings and exploring our pure potential.

Spiritual Meaning of Dragonfly . . .

The beautiful essence and energy of the Dragonfly totem animal symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit growth and change.

Dragonflies are the embodiment of color magic, and transformation

Dragonfly totem energy reminds you of  the Divine message of  Light ~ as the dragonfly reflects the light and opens creative imagination to flow in your life.

Dragonfly spirit animal is mysterious, as we always wonder about her world, it seems she comes from another realm ... a realm of mystery and magic. 

Dragonfly is capable of moving in all directions, speaking to you of pure potential ~ giving you the gift of flashes of visions and inspiration for what you can create in your life ~ teaching you how you can skillfully maneuver the terrain, with swift precision actions and movements... This is why transformation is a common aspect of Dragonfly symbolism.   

Dragonfly rides the winds of change and sails on the breezes near pools, streams and lakes.  Dragonfly spirit could be inviting you for an outing near the water, feeling the wind in your air ~ this is powerful medicine for your mind, body and spirit.  In quiet contemplation you will have visions and flashes of brilliance revealing your destiny.

When Dragonfly is your Totem Animal . . .

When I first start tapping into the Spirit of the Dragonfly, I begin sensing wondrous and mystical telepathic energies.  I'm reminded of a time last summer when I was sitting in my yard on a hot summer day and I wanted to communicate something of great importance to my daughter.  Out of nowhere a beautiful Dragonfly landed on the antenna of my daughters car.  I took it as a sign to communicate telepathically to her, the Dragonfly stayed there for at least an hour, all the while I gently relayed my message. The Dragonfly left and then returned briefly fluttering it's wings as if to say, your telepathic message has been received!  It was a beautiful experience. 

The essence of the symbolic Dragonfly meaning is  "break-free of self created illusion... the ideas and stories of what others have told you about your potential ~ or what you have begun to tell yourself". 

Break-free is the message, the invitation to shift your way of thinking and believing in the blink of an eye ~ because you and you alone hold the power to choose and know what is best for yourself. 


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 Dragonfly as a Power Animal Spirit Guide...  

Dragonfly power animal symbolizes feeling free to express your true feelings, your true colors and to celebrate the unique way you shine in the light, unlike any other. 

Dragonfly is mesmerizing... whenever we see her dancing in the sky we stop and watch her ~ captured by her grace and beauty, until as quickly as she appeared ~ she vanishes again.

The delicate Dragonfly shows that she is a very powerful ally and a symbolic reminder to be on the lookout for falsehoods, deceit, those speaking untrue misleading words.   

Native American Dragonfly Meaning & Symbols

For the Native Americans the Dragonfly signifies signs of happiness, and delight, to all who catch a glimpse of the fluttering iridescent wings. 

Because the Dragonfly lives near clean waters, Dragonfly is a beautiful symbol of purity.   Known as the most powerful totem for cleansing of body, mind and spirit, be sure to invite the spirit of Frog to your cleansing and rejuvenation ceremony.

Dragonfly also symbolizes riding on the wind, and "partaking" of the energies of the wind, being sustained and lifted by the energies of moving skies.  

 Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning: Chinese & Japanese

For the Chinese, the Dragonfly is a symbol of harmonious energies, prosperity, and luck.  

The Japanese give the symbols of the Dragonfly to the Samurai, to symbolize agility, power and victory. 

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Dragonfly is my Spirit Animal | What is the symbolic meaning of Dragonfly

Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning in Dreams

Dragonfly Dream Meaning

Has the Dragonfly appeared in your dream?  Let's take a look at the significance and meaning!

When you have a dream of the Dragonfly, something deep within is ready to break~free from the dream world and become fully present in your real world! 

Dragonfly speaks. . . "it's time for change". . . 

Whatever has been holding you back, the Dragonfly has come to help you see your dream manifest into physical reality.  Just let go of all questions that create resistance.  To do this takes total faith, you have to know that your dreams are aligned with the stars.  Your work is to suspend all doubt and hold the vision of your dream unfolding in your life, knowing that your thoughts create the portal for energetic transformation  ~ where thoughts become reality.  

Dreams of the Dragonfly are confirmation that you are on the right path, regardless of where you have been up until now.   Dragonfly sets you free from the past, reminding you that you can transform at anytime with the power of intention. 

Dragonfly always lives near water, which is the realm of intuition ~ Dragonfly has come to your dream to show you the way. . . just breathe, and trust.  

To connect deeper to the energies in your dream, let your mantra be about change, beautiful change.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Dragonfly in your dreams?

You'll feel a profound energy when the the dragonfly visits you in your dream!

Spiritually the Dragonfly conveys deep soul expression, and opens the portal for transformation and change.  The Dragonfly is the spirit animal of pure potential & breaking free of old paradigms, bringing new self awareness and perspectives.  The Spiritual Meaning of the Dragonfly reveals a path to freedom, to new worlds and new ways of being.  Dragonfly holds the totem powers and secrets of bringing telepathic messages carried on the wind.  

Dragonfly spirit guide gives you the
powers to see through self created illusions

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Symbolic Dragonfly Meaning by Presley Love

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