Zebra Symbolism & Meaning
Mastering the powers of illusion and instincts

Zebra Symbolism...     Discover the symbolic meaning of why  "Zebra is the master of balance, a symbol for individuality... the spiritual significance of knowing yourself, his magic of illusion... the meaning of his stripes & more".  by Presley Love 

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Zebra Meaning

~ an ancient nomad...

A traveler always moving, always on a quest.

Surrounding the wild horse of the savanna... the Zebra,  I begin to see a dance of energies flashing through the swaying grasslands as the sun hits the tall blades, and the movement of the black and white stripes of the Zebra creating a brilliant spectacle of sublime dazzling motion as the herd moves in search of abundant life sustaining resources of food and water. 


Zebra Totem Medicine...

Zebra brings the totem gifts of clarity, memory

Zebra power animal brings the symbols ofindividuality, balance 

Zebra brings the animal magic ofillusion, the blending of instinct and intuition

zebra close up

Zebra speaks the wisdom: listen to your instincts

The Mysteries and Charms of Zebra Symbolism...

Zebra is wonderfully unique in design, quick and sure footed from almost the moment of birth, it's many stripes confuses both predators and pests. Zebra spirit animal teaches us to be agile, quick on our feet and to have a vision of where we are going and why.  

There are many questions and curiosities about the stripes of the Zebra... Zebra stripes symbolism brings understanding of the deeper spiritual meaning and significance of balance, through the art of blending opposites, yin and yang energies which brings clarity to see new layers of truth. 

Zebra totem animal is on a great exodus trusting memories to guide him to the pathways he has traveled before to the precious life sustaining resources of water and to the fertile feeding grounds he requires.   This Zebra symbolism teaches us that the steps we take each day is part of the great journey of making our dreams a reality.

Inner Powers of the Zebra Spirit Animal...

Insights into Zebra symbolism also teaches us about the value of resources we may be taking for granted... as Zebra needs to stay close to water at all times, and he has to share the waters with his mortal enemy the Lion, every day he risks his life and the life of his herd just to get  water, therefore water is sacred and Zebra teaches the lesson to value every drop of water.  

When Zebra power animal calls us we are being called to contemplate the ability to remain strong in our own individuality yet simultaneously balance the ability to cooperate within a crowd... to move in action for the greater good of all.    The Symbolic meaning of Zebra also teaches us that there is power in numbers, you can create a powerful energy and vibration by banding together with others of like mind.

Keen awareness of surroundings combined with excellent vision and hearing allow the Zebra to be aware at all times of what is happening around him.  He uses the magic of illusion via camouflage and motion dazzle of the herd, and is always alert and ready to shift his focus and energies and take necessary action.

Spiritual Meaning of Zebra teaches surviving against all odds

Of the many symbols and spiritual significance of Zebra...  Zebra teaches us the lesson of survival amidst and against all odds, surrounded by predators he has learned to trust his ability of acting purely on instinct, this symbolizes for us the need to learn to develop, listen and to trust our own intuitions and instincts, to protect us and to guide us to the safety and or resources we require.

Zebra Power Animal is a symbol of the need to surround yourself with those that support you

The beautiful Power Animal Zebra can only sleep when another member of the herd is next to him, and  is awake and on guard...  this is a powerful symbolic message and lesson,  to have someone close to you who can watch your back and warn you if something is amiss.  Symbolically this shows us that  we all need someone to watch over us, and we need to watch over those we care about.  Surround yourself with those who encourage you and support you ~ this is one of sweet secrets to success that this Zebra symbolism meaning shares with us.

Zebra Totem of Panoramic Vision

Yet another gift and spiritual meaning of the Zebra is panoramic vision, with his eyes on the sides of his head he can see almost entirely around himself, and Zebra also has the gift of excellent night vision.  This is powerful symbolism for the ability to see "in the dark"... into the hidden realms, to become a seer..  to see opportunity as well as danger ... when cultivated this ability of sight brings the gift of clairvoyance and the ability to see into the future.

The Special Magic of the Zebra Totem Animal ~ Knowing

The special magic for the symbolic meaning of the Zebra is "KNOWING"....  there is a great need to know, honor and embrace yourself... take time to truly know yourself and your personal values ~  decide what is meaningful and most important to you... Celebrate your uniqueness in the world!  

Zebra reminds us to always be aware of our surroundings

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