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An Enduring Symbol of Peace on Earth

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Spirit softly whispers Splendor:
have you taken a pause today, a moment to glance upon the beauty that surrounds you, the fluttering leaf on the tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky?  Within this moment magic is happening all around you, just pause and observe  
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Deer Symbolism. . .   "Deer is among the gentlest of creatures, with big soft eyes conveying the energy of innocence, Deer reminds us of of our own innocence and the fundamental need and desire to be nurtured and protected.  The gentle Deer brings harm to no one, and is a symbol of true peace on Earth".

Deer Meaning. . .

Deer represents a promise of Peace, something we all long for deep within, this gives each of us a special feeling when we have that moment of awe when we encounter a Deer in the woods, or even in our yard.  I have spent many a wonderful moment standing quietly watching the deer at twilight foraging for their dinner at the top of my drive where abundant clumps of lush green clover grows.  The Deer gently lift their heads to acknowledge my presence and I speak softly to them "hello... how are you beautiful ones?  Welcome to my garden, you are all welcome to stay as long as you like".   I love to share the bounty with the Deer, I see them as very sacred beings, emanating the energy of Angels.

Each having their own personality, some are more curious about us... some are more focused on finding the next green patch of fine dining!  We watch them for as long as they allow, enjoying and connecting to their majestic energy. 

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Deer Medicine & Totem Powers

Deer Symbolism and Totems ~  Softness of Being, Innocence, Adaptability

Deer Spirit Animal Energies ~  Presence of Angels, New Adventures

Deer Animal Magic ~    Woodland Goddess,  New Doors Open for You

Deer Symbol of Innocence

Deer Symbolism & The Presence of Angels

When Deer are present, it is sure that Angels are nearby.   Such gentle creatures exuding the aura of a softness of being.  The meadows and valleys where you will find a Deer are always quiet and serene, at first glance you draw in your breath... it's always such a sweet surprise to catch a glimpse of the Deer in the wild.  Your first instinct is to speak in whispers and just watch the beauty of nature captured in a moment.

It is in this stillness and softness of being, in these quiet and sacred moments that Angels find the way "in".  When you see a Deer and fall into the moment of awe, this is the same moment that you can speak to the Angels and hear their answers for you. 

Deer Spirit Animal and the Woodland Goddess

Deer symbolism and the Woodland Goddess.  Legend has it that the Woodland Goddess is said to always be near the Deer in the forest and the glen.  This is the time for natural magic at it's best.  It is a sign that the Woodland Goddess has appeared to help you with your most heart felt desire.  If you are of the magical persuasion, be sure to carry a pack of magical items when you walk in nature and enter the forest.   It is the place where you spot the Deer that is the very place to have an audience with the Woodland Goddess.  Take out your crystals and other items from your pack, lay them on your cloth and focus on the desire from the heart... the one beating so loudly it feels as if it's going to leap out and take form at any moment.  Ask for guidance from the Woodland Goddess and she will speak to you.  Make sure to bring a journal in your pack so you can write down the intuitive guidance as it comes, because usually if you wait ti write it down the most powerful messages fade very quickly.

Heartfelt Essence of Deer Symbolism

The heartfelt essence of Deer Symbolism opens new doors for us... just as the Deer is on a life long adventure exploring new lands, the Deer leaps high and far symbolizing to us that we too must take leaps of faith into new adventures and new paths in life.  If you are transitioning in your life right now into a new job, new relationship, or new life path... embrace the totem energy of new adventure and new doors opening from the Deer, let the Deer walk beside you, take the Spirit of the Deer into your heart... and know that when you leap a net appears, when one door closes another opens.  Deer symbolism conveys that when you are centered in your heart, you are guided to the meadow that is meant for you.

*Other totem animals for peace and compassion are the Dolphin and the Panda | totems on wiki

Deer Symbolism...  Leap far and wide into your dreams

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