The Powers of God Apollo

Powers of God  Apollo...    "Apollo is the Greek God of The Sun… most handsome of the Olympian Gods. His symbols are the bow, the laurel wreath (symbolic of victory), the lyre and the python"

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Mythology of Apollo the Greek God

Apollo is the God of light, inner illumination, healing, medicine, music, poetry and prophecy,  but Apollo can also bring pestilence when displeased,  and is referred to as the God of Destruction.  As the God of destruction, Apollo can be thought of as a God who can destroy old and unwanted elements of your life, such as, bad habits or situations, and can help you eliminate the negative influences in your life.. Known as the ancient God of healing the Greek God Apollo can heal the destructive patterns we sometimes find ourselves repeating.  The Olympian God Apollo symbolically rides through the sky every day with joy in His heart. He takes the responsibility of bringing sunshine into the world both literally and physically very seriously. 

The Mythical Attributes & Powers of Apollo...

Apollo symbols of :  joy, fantasy, and fulfillment

Apollo mythological energies of:   transcendence, illumination, and abundance

Apollo possesses magic powers of:   prophecy, and the psychic realm

Greek God Apollo
Greek God Apollo - Statue

Symbolic Meaning and Symbols of Apollo...

The Olympian God Apollo symbolically rides through the sky every day with joy in His heart. He takes the responsibility of bringing sunshine into the world both literally and physically very seriously.

The powers of God Apollo causes the plants to grow and illuminates the world with light that creates amazing and dazzling spectacles to the human eye.   Apollo is responsible for everything that the human eye can see in the visible spectrum, and provides inner illumination to the realms of the heart.

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Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis, Goddess of The Moon, The Huntress.  Apollo is a great warrior, and and the symbol of courage. To the Greeks and Romans, Apollo was considered the most important God, even greater than His father Zeus, father of all The Olympian Gods.

Archetypal Powers & Symbolism of Apollo...

This powerful Greek God was summoned in ancient times for many reasons, but mainly in warfare, for courage and victory in battle. He was also well known to see the future, the divine gift of prophecy. When you wanted to know something about your future, you would summon Apollo. As the divine God of Light itself, He is capable of seeing into all planes, and dimensions of the heart, the mind, the soul, and the universe.

The powers of Apollo brings strength, victory, and courage in battle.  He was gifted at the use of his Bow, the arrows seeming to follow his very thoughts… as if it were an extension of his thoughts and intention.   If you are facing a hardship, you can call upon Apollos aid in your conflict. Even the symbolism of saying His name, summons His power into your life and situations.

Apollo is a God of protection. His image was often symbolically worn as an amulet to ward off evil, and bring blessings. The image of Apollo was on many relics and weapons and even on ancient coins as symbols of power and authority.

Summoning and using the Powers and Symbols of Apollo...

If you call upon the Greek God Apollo to help you, you are invoking one of the most powerful Gods in all mythology. Call upon the mythical and spiritual powers of Apollo for courage to take on any task that might seem daunting or a challenge that you have wanted to face, but maybe feared. Apollo knows no fear! He is the very symbol of fearlessness! The very meaning of His name attests to the fact that fear itself is of no consequence to Him. He completely ignores the sight of it. Summon Him, and know His strength!

If you identify with the archetypal energies and symbolism of the  Apollo, you are learning the lessons that Apollo has to share.  You have been called to step into your power.  Meditate on his true powers of...  Inner and outer illumination ~ Fearlessness, as these are the extraordinary powers and symbols of Apollo that are legendary, and will serve you well.

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