Marmot Symbolism
Marmots aka Groundhogs symbolize success

Marmot Symbolism...    by Presley Love       "This totem animal has symbolic meanings and messages for you about boundaries, creating avenues for success and speaking your truth, Marmot is also a surprising symbol of word magic"

Meanings of the Marmot, Groundhog & Woodchuck

Marmot goes by many names the most popular are Woodchuck and Groundhog and even Whistle Pig ... the Groundhog is famous for Groundhog Day which happens on Feb 2... when every year on this day we anticipate if the Groundhog will awaken from it's hibernation see it's shadow and dive into the safety of it's burrow, or bask in the rays of the morning sun... either way letting us know if spring has arrived or not!  Therefore there is great symbolic meaning of the Groundhog connected to the coming of Spring. 

Marmot spirit animal and symbols of Success

The symbolism of the many tunnels speaks to us the many avenues of success we have available to us in life... we need to have options... know that you can create and have options in your life, know that things change ~ be ready, resilient and resourceful... like the Marmot ready to pop up out of it's many entrances.

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  Marmot Symbolism ~ Groundhog  Spirit Medicine...

Marmot totem powers of : Many Avenues, The Spyglass

Marmot spirit animal energies of : Boundaries, Meditation

Marmot animal magic of : Word Magic, Quantum Leap

marmot aka groundhog and woodchuck

Marmot ~ excavate your treasure

Symbolic Meaning of the Marmot & Groundhog & Woodchuck...

Marmot aka Groundhog and Woodchuck is a cute chunky little creature which looks just like a big squirrel scampering across the field... and good reason for the resemblance as it is indeed a part of the squirrel family.

Marmot symbolism appears for us with the message "Do not make a hasty decision".... chew on it awhile and then go do something else...  allow the circumstance to breathe... in doing this you will let your intuition reveal insights as to the best remedy for your current situation. 

Marmot and Groundhog symbols of excavating the truth

Marmot power animal has remarkable talents as an excavator... he digs deep into the ground, creates a den and has a myriad of tunnels with many entrances and exits with the tunnels being up to 50 feet in length, this cavern with it's many tunnels is what he calls home.  This symbolizes to us the need to go deep into meditation, meditating upon a situation until the truth has been revealed to us.  Meditating is very healing and nourishing to mind ~ body ~ spirit and Marmot spirit animal has prepared itself, allowing time to rest for self healing and inner nourishment.  Excavation can also hold great meaning of bringing to light what has been long hidden, deep secrets being revealed.

Marmot Spirit animal and speaking your truth

The Marmots are very vocal in their ideas and opinions... chirping, barking and squealing loudly to let everyone know just what they have to say.  This is gorgeous symbolism from this furry little creature to speak your truth, to be unafraid to speak up for yourself, your needs and your beliefs ... whenever necessary, loud and clear if needed!

Marmot totem and making Quantum Leaps

The Marmot, Groundhog and Woodchuck grow very quickly  ~ this has great spiritual significance as it reminds us that we too can grow very quickly... we can make a quantum leap in our consciousness.  If we begin doing things in a different way things will grow and expand quickly for us, all it takes is the awareness and the choice.  

Spiritual Meaning for the Marmot ~ the wisdom of a diet full of succulent greens

Marmot symbolism for diet... The Marmot has a diet rich in succulent greens and vegetables eating at dawn and dusk... Marmot symbol is calling us to give us the wisdom of eating a diet that can heal us and keep us healthy for a long rich life, enjoying the bounty Mother Earth provides. Juicing is most excellent for us and can give many their health back, and has been shown to heal cancer.

Native American Myths of the Marmot and Groundhog...

Native American meaning and legend teaches that the Marmot totem animal is a symbol of watching... as he frequently pops his head up to survey what is happening around him.  This is symbolic of having a spyglass... to be watchful, to see things that are out of ordinary sight ~ to keep a lookout for opportunity or danger... to be curious of your surroundings, and ready to explore when the timing is right.

Marmot symbolism and totem energy also teaches us about the need for boundaries, Marmot totem animal can be very territorial... you may need to reinforce your boundaries, someone may be encroaching your boundaries... or you may need to respect the boundaries of others... this is for you to discern, contemplate and take the necessary action.

The Meaning of Marmot Symbolism for Groundhog Day...

Fantastic info for the meaning of Groundhog Day... The Groundhog Punxsutawny Phil is brought out on "Groundhog  Day" ~ February 2nd to look for his shadow, and depending if he sees his shadow of not will determine whether or not six more weeks of winter will prevail.

Since the onset of Groundhog Day Punxsutawny Phil has seen his shadow 94 times out of 108.

The origins of Groundhog Day are connected to Candlemas Day, where people celebrated Imbolc and the first signs of spring, the date is the exact midpoint between the winter solstice Dec 21st and spring the spring solstice March 21st.  

If the Groundhog emerges and does not see it's shadow, it is a sign of an early spring, if the Groundhog sees his shadow it is a sign of 6 more weeks of winter.  

Marmot Symbolism ...  excavate your treasure!

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