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Spirit whispers. . . Darling Do You Know?
Spend one day. . .  to pause, to reflect, to think upon the question: "what is it that makes me truly happy and fulfilled"?  Do you know the answer to this question - without hesitation?  Spirit asks you to take a day, find a journal and prepare your answer, what you discover here will be your personal doctrine of what sets you free and ignites the flame within. 
  ♥ Blessings  Presley Love  ♥ 

Welcome to the Universe of Symbolism - New Arrivals page, grab a cup of tea and enjoy reading the newest posts about the signs, totems and symbols to help you discover the connection to your inner magic!

Bee Symbolism & Meaning | Power, Spirit & Totem Animals

Bee Symbolism Meaning - The Bee spirit animal is an ancient symbol of endurance and energy, the surprising symbolic meanings of the Bee is to be lucky in love, and signifying royalty

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Ladybug Symbolism & Ladybug Meaning

LadyBug Symbolism & LadyBug Meaning - Ladybug spirit animal brings luck and abundance wherever she goes, a sign to take inventory of what fills your heart, Ladybug signals the way to follow your bliss

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Bird Symbolism & Bird Meanings List | Meaning of Birds

Bird Symbolism & Bird Meanings ~ spiritual meanings of birds a -z, birds in full regalia strutting their beauty and power, capturing our hearts with their airborne dance and freedom of movement

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Spirit Animal Quiz - How To Find Your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal Quiz - this quiz helps you discover your Life Long Spirit Animals and Totem Animals, and will help you learn when your spirit animals are trying to contact you

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Lion Symbolism ~ Messages from Lion Spirit Animal

Lion Symbolism Lion is the ruler of the kingdom, spiritual meaning shows he carries the wisdom of all Lions that have gone before him throughout the ages, spirit animal of

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Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning | Squirrel Spirit Animal

Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning: Treasure Hunter, Flirtatious, Ambitious Squirrel spirit animal is the totem that reminds us to save for a rainy day and have a full pantry

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Mockingbird Symbolism - Signs, Symbols & Totems

Mockingbird Symbolism has become the symbol of innocence, singing a song for the soul, and for Mockingbirds special magic it's that extraordinary magic of telepathy

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Swallow Symbolism - Symbolic Meaning of Swallow

Swallow Symbolism a long held symbol of a promise to return the spiritual meaning of the swallow reflects upon the undulating nature of fluidity

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Meaning of Values | List of Personal Values

Meaning of Values - What are Values - List of Values - Symbolism of Values from A to Z, personal values define us and help us to make decisions based on what our beliefs are, this list has 500

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Native American Thunderbird Symbolism

Native American Thunderbird Symbolism, found atop many totem poles Thunderbird is the mighty and auspicious symbol over dominion of the Storm, wielding the power of prophecy

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Bird Spirit Animals | Totem & Power Animal Birds

Bird Spirit Animals, Bird meanings list Hummingbird, Crow, Raven, Blackbird, Robin, Bluebird, Eagle, Falcon, Swan, Peacock most popular birds

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Ostrich Symbolism - Ostrich Totem Animal

Ostrich Symbolism - the Spirit Animal Ostrich walks with supreme authority, this bird society is led by an alpha female and she comes to teach about divine feminine awakening and empowerment. . .

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Woodpecker Symbolism | Woodpecker Totem Animal

Woodpecker symbolism & meaning Among the totem powers of the Woodpecker Knowing, Sacred Drumming Ancient Knowledge Perseverance, Determination,Commitment and the desire to find ...

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Symbolic Meaning of Fox Spirit Animal | Fox Symbolism

Symbolic Meaning of Fox, symbolism delivers the magic of pure luck, brings the energies of mischief , opportunity, Fox totem of playful energies

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Lion Tattoo Ideas with Symbolism & Lion Tat Designs

Lion Tattoo Ideas with symbolic meaning and Tat Designs for the majestic and powerful Lion symbolizing Authority, Courage, Warrior, Stealth, Pride,Poise

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